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Digital networking for the medical technology industry

In cooperation with the VDMA Working Group Medical Technology, the T4M team presented “T4M meet2match” - a solution to counteract the effects of the pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions that make networking significantly more difficult. The format connected supplier companies from the medical technology sector as well as manufacturing and marketing companies of medical products, but also founders and start-ups in the industry. For the first time, participants had the opportunity to make new international contacts, foster their existing networks, obtain information about current topics and get into exchange.

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Contacts during the pandemic and beyond. There were many good reasons to participate in the digital networking format of the medical technology industry.

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The digital networking format incorporated well-proven features: Matchmaking, making appointments, chats, video calls and group discussions.

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In contrast to a (digital) business trade fair, the focus at T4M meet2match was on the person.

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Participants found inspiration for the talks with new contacts in the lecture programme including company  pitches, networking carousel and after work session.

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Voices on T4M meet2match


  • To every joint innovation, communication is key. To get to know each other, to talk, to exchange opinions needs a suitable environment, such as at T4M meet2match. It will open doors for new contacts and new partnerships – I am really looking forward to it.

    Yvonne Glienke | Managing Director | MedicalMountains GmbH

  • We have looked intensively at the needs and challenges of the medical technology industry and tested numerous options. Eventually, we will stay true to our brand promise to rethink products and processes. With T4M meet2match we offer the market an individual and above all innovative solution that can continue to accompany T4M – Technology for Medical Devices.

    Christoph Utz | Project Coordinator | Messe Stuttgart

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You can find the general terms and conditions for T4M meet2match here (PDF, 139 KB).