SÜFFA Competitions

For the SÜFFA quality sausage competitions 474 products were entered . The critical testers awarded no fewer than 436 gold, silver and bronze medals.

Final result of the Swabian Maultasche competition:

  • 1st place Metzgerei Winter, Schorndorf
  • 2nd place Metzgerei Franz Bock, Markgröningen
  • 3rd place Schneider butcher's shop, Pliezhausen

Stuttgarter Rössle (Stuttgart ham sausage competition):

  • 1st place Metzgerei Oskar Zeeb, Reutlingen
  • 2nd place Metzgerei Thomas Klingler, Fellbach
  • 3rd place Landmetzgerei Rupp, Sulzbach-Murr

Special prize Ham King (raw ham and cooked cured products competition) :

  • Kronenmetzgerei Stirner-Sinn, Gerlingen

List of the awarded products (PDF, 344 KB)

A total of 32 teams competed in the vocational school competitions. The judges awarded nine times gold, 13 times silver and ten times bronze.

Overall winning team:

  • Julia Wirth, Landmetzgerei Steinle, Dilllingen a. d. Donau
  • Celina Braunmiller, Metzgerei Steck, Langenau

Results of vocational school competitions (PDF, 40 KB)