SÜFFA says Thank you


... to the exhibitors

... for presenting the hot trends in the industry, innovative products and ground-breaking concepts for the gastronomy and hotel business.

... to the visitors

... for their enthusiasm and interest in brand-new products and trend-setting ideas and their active participation in the large number of workshops and events.

... to the many participants

... to the speakers, partners, association representatives and journalists for their support, their inspiring thoughts and their captivating performances at conferences and events.

Exhibitor testimonials SÜFFA 2021

  • "SÜFFA 2021 was a very successful trade fair. We found that after long, long months, customers had an incredibly strong desire to return to normal. Both the quality and frequency of the audience were very good, and both the crafts and the industry were very willing to invest. On top of that, Stuttgart is always well organized and offers many advantages for the exhibitors. That is the reason for the success of this fair."

    Eckhard Kowalewski, Senior Key Account Manager, Victorinox Deutschland GmbH

  • "Finally, direct contact with the public again! It was great how much interest there was. The well-informed visitors came to us with qualified questions, which we gladly answered. We are satisfied with our participation in the trade fair. SÜFFA was great!"

    Marc Stövsand, Sales Director, FREUND Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

  • " SÜFFA 2021 was a very successful, very well organized trade fair without any stress factors. All hygiene regulations were complied with, so no Corona fear was felt. On the contrary: The important ‚players‘ were all there and were very optimistic. We had a lot of good trade visitors at our stand and had many good conversations. We were also positively surprised in view of the number of visitors. All in all, there was a harmonious mood, and we literally enjoyed every moment despite the mask."

    Sabine Steidinger, Authorised Representative, ZENTRAG eG

  • “For us, SÜFFA has always been a successful trade fair. We wanted to continue this with our presentation this year, and we succeeded. Saturday was already a great day! We met a very interested, sales-oriented audience. We also noticed that a number of visitors came to SÜFFA from far away, which we hope will happen continue in the future."

    Gerd Kunkel, Sales Manager Germany, Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

  • "We were consistently very busy and had a lot of good contacts, as the right people were at SÜFFA. It is nice that everything is on the way back to normal. All in all, it helped all those involved that the hygiene measures were implemented so thoroughly – I really liked that. We are very satisfied with how SÜFFA 2021 went."

    Claus Rühle, Managing Director, Rühle Gegentechnik GmbH

  • "We are very satisfied with SÜFFA 2021." The trade fair organization and hygiene concept were well implemented, so that one could concentrate on the trade fair business in peace. The quality of the audience was also right: Despite the beautiful weather, we had a decent flow of visitors, and we felt that everyone was really hungry for trade fair."

    Michael Wirth, Managing Partner, Schwan Projekt GmbH

  • "We had all been really looking forward to SÜFFA! Finally, we were able to get into personal contact again with our customers. The SÜFFA audience visited this fair in a very targeted manner and with concrete interest. That is why there were a lot of good conversations. I expect good post-trade-fair business."

    Denis Gabriel, Marketing + Sales Manager, Fessmann GmbH & Co. KG

  • "It was a great joy that SÜFFA finally offered the opportunity to meet in person again, to make new contacts and to cultivate business relationships, some of which have been in existence for decades. You can only touch and try out machines at a trade fair, that's not possible online. I am enthusiastic about the professional quality of the audience and also about how full it was here – apparently everyone had missed fairs!"

    Angela Stahlhacke, PR & Media, K+G Wetter GmbH

  • "We can draw a positive conclusion. Quality wise, we were at least at the same level as in 2018. The classical ‘trade fair tourists‘ were not there – instead, only highly interested customers attended, who were really looking for conversation, were already well informed or wanted to discuss concrete restructuring plans. We were able to start various orders, and I expect a good after-trade fair business. I hope that SÜFFA will establish itself even more strongly as a crafts trade fair for the whole of Germany."

    Martin Krippl-Stojić, Head of Marketing & PR, Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG

  • "SÜFFA was really top! We met the 100% right target audience for us. From the opening of the gates, there was strong business all day long with very good, economically interesting talks. It was our first SÜFFA participation, and next time we will definitely be back!"

    Claus Hensen, Hofschlätsysteme Hensen GmbH

  • "Everyone who visited SÜFFA came with concrete interest. The often usual walk-in crowd wasn't there. We got really good response, had high-quality contacts and met with good interest in buying because we offer the right problem solving for many enterprises when it comes to disinfection. Butchers are an important target group for us."

    Harry Dorner, Project Sales, Oxytec AG

  • "We are pleased that we were able to be at this fair for the first time. We had many new and existing customers at the stand and were able to make good contacts. The whole event was great fun, because the visitors were very qualified and open to new things. We were able to show our innovations, such as our foils made from wood. You have to touch them, that's not possible online."

    Valentina Kuchler, Managing Director, S.A.M. Kuchler Electronics GmbH

  • "Everyone found it nice to be able to exchange ideas with customers and other exhibitors after this long abstinence. Saturday was already very successful: The visitors did not come to browse but rather specifically to the exhibition. We had good conversations and were able to give detailed advice. I think we can hope for a good follow-up business."

    Mathis Kurrat, Managing Director, MHG Beratung und Marketing GmbH

  • "Visitors and exhibition staff alike were very friendly and open-minded. We had more visitors than expected and had numerous good discussions with interested parties, some of whom had already been looking specifically for vending solutions. We were not only able to take down specific inquiries, but also establish contacts with new suppliers. We are very satisfied with our attendance at SÜFFA!”

    Adrian Bella, Head of Office Service, VendCom Deutschland GmbH

  • "Our stand was brimming with visitors, but thanks to the hygiene concept we always felt safe. Many of our important customers had come, and the overall customer frequency also surprised us positively. There have been many interesting and important conversations in which we were able to place our new products. For us, SÜFFA was very successful."

    Heike Struckmann, Marketing Assistant, AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH

  • "Here at SÜFFA, new ideas and new technologies were in great demand, with which butchers can stand out from their competitors and present themselves in the best light. The Saturday was already very good, and on Sunday we were literally run over. We established many good, specific contacts and are very satisfied.“

    Michael, Managing Director, bfm Ladenbau GmbH

  • "The overall mood of the visitors to the 2021 SÜFFA was good, and we were able to hold informative conversations here in a high quality. It was particularly positive that also customers from northern Germany, France, Austria, Lithuania and Switzerland were here."

    Patrick Friederix, Sales Manager Germany, Veemag Maschinenbau GmbH

Impressions 2021