In Germany the term "street food" long just meant snack stands which offered curry sausage with French fries. This has changed in the last few years. Minibuses now serve high-quality fast food on wheels, both in large cities and small towns. Butcher's shops are also increasingly participating in the mobile kitchen boom: as brand ambassadors for their site-dependent gastronomy, the trucks therefore reach new target groups and provide you with a lucrative second source of income. But ultimately, what is the reason for business success? Topics such as financing, insurance, business planning and regulatory requirements must be taken into account. In the BBQ & food truck area visitors will be able to obtain advice regarding these topics in order to enjoy a flying start.

The BBQ trend is having a lasting effect on butchers and the catering business. Not only must butchers satisfy their customers' wishes, they must also provide extensive advice and examine innovations in business. This topic also includes special cuts, marinades, suitable cooking methods and the right beverages. You will also become a professional at SÜFFA!

It will be possible to examine, compare and try out high-quality barbecue equipment for professional use from the companies OFYR, Big Green Egg, Beefer, reamotion and Grillrad during SÜFFA. The outdoor barbecue shows in the Rothaus Park will be really exciting! Visitors will have an opportunity here to observe the barbecue equipment and obtain one or two tips for their own personal barbecue experience!

One of the highlights will be the giant smoker "Big Louis" of the company Walter Ludwig from Pfinztal-Berghausen. Big Louis is a giant smoker with a capacity of 60 litres, and best of all: "To set up Big Louis, only one person is required to work for a maximum of 30 minutes," said Dennis Ludwig, Managing Director of Walter Ludwig. 

As a company specialising in the construction and extension of food trucks, sales trailers and sales containers, ROKA Werk GmbH sets standards in mobile gastronomy. For five decades, ROKA has been synonymous with superb craftsmanship. the use of first-rate materials and concentrated innovative strength. The legendary American caravans are traditionally sold as holiday caravans, but also as diner models for gastronomy. They will be exhibited at SÜFFA 2018.