Key topics of SÜFFA

Raw materials and semi-finished products for production

Casings, twines, spices, essences, aromas, semi-finished products and additives

Working and operating technology

Occupational safety and accident prevention, safety clothing, machines, equipment and tools for slaughtering, degradation and processing, cooking and boiling systems, roasting ovens,systems for large canteen kitchens, refrigeration and airconditioning systems, packaging, dosing, sorting and weighing systems

Kitchen systems

Washing technology, cooking and boiling systems, roasting ovens, systems for large canteen kitchens, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, packaging, dosing, assorting and weighing technology, transportation and storage systems

Food safety and hygiene

Company hygiene, disposal, quality management, cleaning systems, environmental technology, etc.

Shop facilities and furnishings

Shop facilities, merchandise systems and cash registers, snack bar furnishings and fittings, buffet accessories, catering equipment and accessories, lighting systems, air-conditioning systems, etc.

Sales promotion and advertising

Indoor and outdoor advertising, price display systems and labelling systems, gifts and promotional items, workwear, packaging, mobile sales units and vehicles, etc.

Specialities and merchandise

Organic and ecological products, convenience products, deep-frozen products, delicacies, meat, sausage products, game, poultry and fish, cheese and dairy products, pasta, beverages, etc.


Business planning, power management, catering and party service, IT systems and Internet services, advanced training, marketing/company consultancy, associations, institutions, organisations, publishing houses, etc.