Trend Award 2017

The famous award of the bakery and confectionery trade – the südback Trend Award – is a top-class award with the aim of acknowledging developments in terms of technical innovations, design and concepts. The important trendsetter in the industry has been awarded for the 11th time during südback 2017.

The südback Trend Award was organised by Messe Stuttgart. The trade journals Allgemeine Bäcker-Zeitung (ABZ) and BÄKO-magazin support this competition as partners. Co-organisers include BÄKO-Zentrale Süddeutschland eG and the State Association of Guilds of Württemberg Bakers.

The winners of südback Trend Award 2017

  • Marketing/sales: Intratool GmbH

    In the Marketing and Sales category the südback Trend Award goes to Intratool GmbH. Intratool is a cloud-based, modular communication software which is used for internal communication in chain stores. Intratool allows communication and task management and at the same time is also a storage medium so that common standalone solutions can be replaced. Since January 2017, it is even easier for all Intratool users to use the software which is now also available as an app.
  • Raw materials: Uniferm GmbH & Co. KG

    Uniferm GmbH & Co. KG received the südback Trend Award in the Raw materials category for its product FermFresh Buckwheat. The buckwheat-based fermented fresh product brings new flavours to bakery products. Buckwheat is a crop rich in tradition with original character. Popular in Germany in the past, then forgotten about next to conventional varieties, Uniferm has rediscovered buckwheat. FermFresh buckwheat can be used directly as a fresh premium ingredient (chilled product) and it is recommended to add 10 to 40 percent of the product to flour.
  • Technology: Zilk GbR

    The engineering firm Zilk GbR is awarded for its egg-cracking machine EierSchlag Z-3000 in the Technology category. In addition to the innovative drive technology, low spatial requirement and high mobility, there is a significantly greater benefit for the user in that the EierSchlag Z-3000 is hygienic and very easy to clean. The cracking mechanism is moved from the housing, manually positioned in a standard industrial dishwasher and cleaned for approx. three to four minutes. Lengthy, tedious manual cleaning is not required.
  • Special prize: App & Eat GmbH

    The Digital special prize goes to the company App & Eat GmbH. Their "Click & Collect App" is a customised solution for bakeries which allows craft businesses to provide their customers with a digital offer in a simple and uncomplicated manner. In the app end customers have the option to select products from the standard range or make individual bread rolls with help of the bread roll configurator. The solution developed by App & Eat is a completely new development.