südback says thank you

... to 708 exhibitors

For the exciting and interesting presentation of their products and services.

... to more than 37.500 visitors

For their enthusiasm and interest in the wide range of exhibitions, the comprehensive accompanying programme and the awards.

Exhibitor comments

  • "We went all-in during our presence at südback and had an exciting mixture in the portfolio. That was only right and proper, we had over 25,000 sample tastings alone. The diversity of the industry can be experienced at südback. It is simply possible to do more when a trade fair is staged as an attended event. The visitors were primarily looking for solutions."

    Kerstin Schmidt, Chief Commercial Officer Central Europe/UK & Bread, CSM Deutschland GmbH

  • "Our company has had a connection with südback for many decades. The trade fair is a focal point for us to a certain extent. We were positively surprised by this year's event. We are very satisfied as we welcomed large numbers of visitors to our stand. We were able, in particular, to target craft enterprises and industry. We were also able to finally perform our demonstrations again in a live setting and answer a large number of questions on the spot."

    Lisa Affenberger, Marketing, König Maschinen Gesellschaft m.b.H

  • "We looked forward very much to südback during the run-up to the event. The trade fair exceeded our expectations. We saw that the visitors were very interested. Some follow-up orders and discussions hold out the promise of good business for our company after the event. Face-to-face meetings were our main objective, but customers also came with a specific interest in making investments. In our opinion, südback is a European trade fair."

    Roland Knorr, Sales, RONDO GmbH & Co. KG

  • "südback is the most important sales channel for our company in regard to bakeries. We met more visitors here than expected and were very impressed by the mood in the exhibition halls."

    Daniel Petricevic, Head of Sales Southern Germany, WMF GmbH

  • "We were very positively surprised by the large numbers of visitors. In particular, there was great demand for our latest E3 shop baking oven with its high energy efficiency level. After all, the subject of energy is affecting the entire industry. We therefore also focused on this topic at südback and held a large number of interesting discussions on our exhibition stand."

    Pascal Hautecouverture, VP Global Sales and Marketing, WIESHEU GmbH

  • "We had both regular customers and new customers on our stand, and held good discussions from the first day of the trade fair. We also welcomed international customers."

    Simone Nücken, Marketing & Event Manager, WACHTEL GmbH

  • " südback is an important event for us to meet and hold discussions with customers. Firstly, we were often asked about vegan products and secondly, focusing on processes played a relevant role."

    Annemarie Renner, Digital Marketing Manager, Zeelandia GmbH & Co. KG

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