The jury which was made up of representatives of the organisers, the professional and conceptual supporters, the specialised media and the bakery and confectionery trades, reached their decision by simple majority. The decision of the jury cannot be challenged. The judges' decision is final.

Below: Members of the jury

The members of the jury

Prof. Michael Kleinert, Director of the Institut für Lebensmittel- und Getränkeinnovation (ILGI, Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation), Grüental Campus in Wädenswil (Switzerland). He teaches and carries out research at the Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and is Director of the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI). As a qualified master baker and with a degree in food engineering, he is intensively involved with bread. Together with his team, he examines factors relevant to raw materials and processes that influence the quality of bread.

Prof. Kleinert is a qualified baker and master baker, and studied food technology at Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo/Detmold. To conclude his studies, in 1996 he developed the "Goldstücke" (frozen bread rolls) for the company Coppenrath & Wiese for his degree thesis. He then took up the interesting challenge of becoming head of Quality Assurance and Flour Analysis at the internationally renowned Richemont Baking College in Lucerne/Switzerland. In 2000, he moved into business. Upon the initiative of Fredy Hiestand, he initially assumed responsibility for various projects at Hiestand International in Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

In 2002, he became Director of Production, Switzerland, with over 300 employees at 3 locations. In 2004, he followed the call of the Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) to Wädenswil. Here he is Director of the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation with 80 employees in 8 departments (microbiology, sensors, aroma research, process technology, sustainability, packaging, etc.). In his role as a lecturer in bakery technology, he primarily dedicates himself to the aroma of bakery products. As an expert on aroma and the inventor of the bread aroma wheel, he is especially concerned with increasing the awareness of high-quality bakery products among the general population. His target is to anchor the sensory pleasure of premium bakery products deeply in the consciousness of end users.


Jochen Baier from Herrenberg inhaled the scent of freshly baked bread from a very early age and developed his passion from it. For 20 years now, Jochen Baier has been working with biodynamically cultivated grain by the Demeter Schönberghof. For him, the quality of his bread begins in the field. This is the only way he can realise his demand for purity and taste in the baking process. He is the only one in Germany to win both the German Champion of Bakers and of Confectioners. As Confectioner of the Year and World Champion in Traditional Bread Baking, he is among the most respected and competent experts worldwide. Not without reason, he was appointed "World Baker of the Year 2018" by the World Federation of Bakers and Confectioners. In addition to his activities as juror at the side of Johann Lafer in the TV-show “Germany’s best baker”, founding member of the Baker’s National team as well as consultant and author of specialist books, he has been leading his family business in the sixth generation in the Swabian town of Herrenberg with great success until today.

Karin Becker is married with three adult children. She is a local councillor. After her graduation from high school, she went to Israel and Norway and finished a two-year training to become an industrial clerk. She is married to Johannes Becker who is a master baker and confectioner and runs his own company including a bakery, confectionery and café. Becker later completed a training as a specialist saleswoman in the food trade.
Together, Mr and Ms Becker lead their company for more than 20 years. They trained numerous young people and often accompanied them to very successful degrees.

Awards & Recognitions: 200 Best Bakers of Germany, Highlight of the Economy

In 2012, the focus of her activity shifted towards her work in the Becker’s Masterpiece company for bakery and confectionery technology. Karin Becker is the business manager there.
Since 2013, she has been contributing her experience to the office of the Baden-Württemberg Regional Association of Confectioners Guild. The South Baden confectioners guild has named her managing director. Her main tasks are the organisation of trade fair appearances, of participation in the competitions taking place there, in supporting the talents in the confectionery industry as well as in classic tasks like accounting, financial statements and annual reports.

My name is Tobias Pfaff. I am married with two children. I grew up between the kneader and the oven in a third-generation baker’s family. After finishing my training as a baker and confectioner, I did my master craftsman diploma and graduated in Business administration for craft and trade in 2009. After gaining a little experience at home and abroad, I started teaching at the Technical college for bakers in Stuttgart. In summer 2018, I became the headmaster there. In addition to holding seminars in Germany and abroad, the training of master craftsmen in the baking trade is important to me. As first chairman of the Baking Trade Association of Baden-Württemberg (VDB), I am always excited to gain new insights into the various aspects and areas of the baking production.

2004 - today: BÄKO-ZENTRALE NORD eG/BÄKO-ZENTRALE eG, Authorised representative, Division manager Machinery & Devices
1998 - 2004: Tengelmann Group, last Distribution at kd kaisers`s drugstore GmbH
Purchasing manager Non-Food/Authorised Representative
1994 - 1997: Nanz / Preisfux (AVA-Group)
Purchaser Non-Food/Drugstore
Training: Banker

Ms. Ulrike Sailer-Keil, Dipl. Betriebswirt (BA) (Graduate in Business Management), sales manager and partner of the bakery/cake shop Sailer GmbH, married, 2 children.

2001 - Two-year training as a specialised shop assistant in the bakery trade and graduation with distinction.

2001 - Two-year voluntary work as the First Pretzel Queen of the State Association of Guilds of the Württemberg Bakers

2003 - Several internships in bakeries and cake shops in Germany and France

2003 - Three-year course at the University of Cooperative Education Stuttgart with internships at the privately-owned bakery Wimmer in Munich, graduated as business economist (BA)

Since 2005 - Member on the Examination Board for intermediate and final examinations for the area of bakery and confectionery sales assistant

Since 2006 - Sales Manager and partner of the bakery/cake shop Sailer GmbH


Frank Sautter, graduate theologian, grew up in his parents' bakery at the foot of the Swabian Alb and has known and loved the bakery trade since his earliest childhood. After completing secondary school with focus on business and studies in economics, he began his career in 1988 as a lecturer for the Württemberg Bakery Trade at the State Guild Association for the Bakery Trade. Since 2001 he was managing director of different bakers' guilds, who became 2021 bakers' guilds Alb-Neckar-Nordschwarzwald with 330 member companies. 2019 he has been appointed Managing Director of the State Guild Association for the Bakery Trade and Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Miller's Union. He is also an honorary member of the Master Craftsman's Examination Commission for the Milling Trade and a member of the board of the friend's association of the commercial school in Hoppenlau. The Baden-Württemberg State Guild Association for the bakery trade is one of the professional and media partners of südback.

Falk Steins has been part of the editorial staff of the BÄKO-magazin since 1999 and in 2004 took over as chief editor of the trade magazine for bakers and confectioners, which, at the same time, is the official organ of BÄKO, business association of the bakery and confectionery trades.

The BÄKO-magazin from the Chmielorz publishing company in Wiesbaden has already been supporting the südback Trend Award for years as a media partner of Messe Stuttgart. In addition to participating on the jury, the work also involves providing extensive reports before and after this innovation competition and announcing the winners in the daily trade fair newsletter, amongst other things.



Lynn Esenwein has been a constant in the Allgemeine Bäckerzeitung team since 2019. After studying journalism, Esenwein started her professional career at the trade journal as a trainee and works now as an editor for print and online publications there. In addition to portraying exemplary businesses for the Allgemeine Bäckerzeitung, she will now also report about the renowned südback Trend Award for all specialist baker’s publication published by the dfv media group.