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R+T 2021: Internal privacy and sun protection

Impressive design meets convenient function / Market showing positive trend

The market for internal privacy and sun protection is showing a positive trend overall - and with good reason: After all, privacy and sun protection systems not only ensure the right ambience in rooms, but also help make spending time in buildings more pleasant. Glares are avoided with there still being sufficient daylight, the room acoustics are improved and internal solutions also play a role in energy savings. Insect protection solutions are an added benefit to our well-being. Visitors to R+T can see all the benefits for themselves from 22 to 26 February 2021 in Stuttgart.

"Our member companies are satisfied with the developments overall", says Martin Auerbach, President of the ViS (German Association for Internal Privacy and Sun Protection). The growth in the area of honeycomb energy-saving blinds is particularly pleasing: Apart from a variety of designs, they impress above all with their functionality. "Honeycomb blinds provide sun protection, privacy, anti-dazzle protection, energy savings, better room acoustics and superb design options", adds Andreas Kopetschny, President of MHZ. For instance, with the Duette honeycomb energy-saving blind two pleated layers of fabric are connected and secured between two sections. "The honeycombed hollow spaces between the fabric layers form an air cushion, which acts as an insulating layer against the loss of heat during the winter", explains Andreas Kopetschny. Their structure allows gentle incoming light and helps create a pleasant atmosphere.

Another benefit: The cords for the Duette honeycomb blinds run inside the hollow spaces. The use of punched holes which allow the sun in is therefore avoided. Together with so-called blackout fabrics, bedrooms and living rooms can be darkened. "Particularly in rooms with large glass surfaces or hard floor coverings, Duette honeycomb blinds help improve the room acoustics. They reduce the acoustic noise by up to 45 percent and improve speech comprehension as well as the quality of stay in the room", adds Andreas Kopetschny.

In terms of design, MHZ's collection of honeycomb blinds caters for every need, large and new motifs are particularly sought-after.

Overall, the new MHZ collection of Duette honeycomb blinds convinces with 200 high-quality fabrics, modern natural shades, special colours and Scandinavian nuances. Andreas Kopetschny: "Depending on the fabric quality, up to 36 colours are possible."

On the rise

Insect protection is another winner in terms of sales growth among the ViS member companies. "You could actually describe the systems as a bestseller", adds Martin Auerbach. High-quality solutions are available for virtually every requirement. For instance, tenter frames, side-hung or swing windows, as well as roller blinds, provide protection against insects coming in through the windows. "Pivoting frames, sliding systems, pleated blinds, swing doors or electric roller blinds provide safety on doors", reports the ViS President.

The fabrics used generally allow a clear and unobstructed view of the outside world and are extremely long-lasting. "The thread of our Transpatec fabric is made of high-performance fibres, which are only 0.13 mm thick", says Matthias Geist, President of Neher. Despite the lower thickness, it is very tear-resistant and weatherproof, which lies in the so-called FX6 factor. "FX6 is a special additive, which is added during the production of the fibres. It makes the superfine high-tech fibres extremely robust and resistant. As a result, the fabric can also be used in roller blinds", adds the expert. The company has now further developed its Transpatec fabric: with regard to its sensitivity to dirt. Matthias Geist: "With Transpatec the majority of dust and dirt particles has been filtered from the air passing through, which dirties the fabric over time. The rain rinses off these particles again."

However, up to now if there was no rain or not enough rain on the fabric, this self-cleaning effect ceased to apply and Transpatec had to be cleaned by hand.

"The research department at Neher has now managed to develop a coating, where the majority of dust and dirt particles are filtered from the air passing through, but no longer stick to the fabric as much. A gentle wind is enough for these particles to fall off the fabric", adds Matthias Geist. This means that Transpatec hardly gets dirty anymore if no rain hits the fabric.

Great things to come

It is clear that a lot has been accomplished in the area of internal privacy and sun protection, including insect protection solutions, but much still remains to be done. "We no longer talk about mere design elements", says Martin Auerbach. Apart from interior designers and interior decorators, numerous companies from the area of roller shutter manufacturing are also successfully involved in the consultancy and sale of internal privacy and sun protection, as well as insect protection solutions. After all, it is often best to combine different solutions. Martin Auerbach: "It is therefore worthwhile to get an overview in the area of internal privacy and sun protection, as well as insect protection, at R+T 2021. We, as an association, and our member companies look forward to impressing visitors with our products and showing them how they can achieve lucrative sales with these products."

Captions and picture credits:

RT_21_PM9_1: There is an increasing demand for honeycomb blinds. Photo credits: MHZ

RT_21_PM9_2: The cords run inside the hollow spaces, thus avoiding the use of punched holes. Photo credits: MHZ

RT_21_PM9_3: Innovative insect protection fabrics do not obstruct the view of the outside world. Photo credits: Neher

RT_21_PM9_4: The threads of the Transpatec fabric are made from a high-performance fibre, which is only 0.13 mm thick. Photo credits: Neher

RT_21_PM9_5: Martin Auerbach is the President of ViS (German Association for Internal Privacy and Sun Protection) Photo credits: ViS e.V.


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