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30.01.2017 - 15:06

R+T 2018: Everything that gathering blinds / Roman blinds can achieve

There is still good demand for gathering blinds / Roman blinds, which will also be reflected in the trade fair halls of R+T in Stuttgart from 27 February to 3 March 2018. They are genuine all-rounders in public and residential buildings: In addition to their attractive appearance, they can also help save energy and enhance the comfort factor within the building – and their installation is becoming less complicated.

Energy saver

It is possible to use the energy-saving potential of gathering blinds / Roman blinds very effectively. In the summer months they retain the absorption heat from the sun's rays at the front of the window before it passes through the glass and can heat the building. Undesired solar thermal energy, as well as cooling loads, which may be required to maintain a pleasant room temperature, are thus reduced considerably. Concrete information on the energy benefits of sun protection systems is provided by the Energy Label of ift Rosenheim, which was developed in cooperation with the expert group IV Roller Shutters and Sun Protection Automation of the ITRS (Industrial Association for Technical Textiles, Roller Shutters and Sun Protection). With the label the long-term partners of R+T in Stuttgart, who will of course also be represented in 2018 at the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems, have created a uniform evaluation scale for the heat and cold insulating properties of different blinds and curtains in combination with the window. A classification into one of seven efficiency classes is possible, thus allowing a reliable statement to be made about the energy-saving potential of the respective sun protection solution chosen. Gathering blinds / Roman blinds also help to reduce the use of artificial light and thus energy, as daylight can be optimally directed.

Comfort factor

The positive effect of natural daylight on occupants of a building is well known. With gathering blinds / Roman blinds the greatest possible utilisation of daylight can be achieved, while still guaranteeing privacy and anti-dazzle protection – which numerous exhibitors at R+T 2018 in Stuttgart are increasingly showing with their limits between interior and exterior, for example the new gathering blinds / Roman blinds from Warema: "With our ProVisio line we have combined the benefits of gathering blinds / Roman blinds, i.e. heat protection, anti-dazzle protection and privacy, with optimal visibility", reports Bernd Riedmann, Product Management & Marketing Manager. The distinctive feature is the special slant of the slats, which is changed seamlessly across the entire height of the blinds. "It is based on the human angle so that the eye always has the best view of outside through the slats. The necessary privacy from outdoors and the associated private sphere are naturally also improved", adds Bernd Riedmann. In this way the product enables a pleasant room temperature, comfortable brightness and a good view of outside.

Roma further optimised the benefits of gathering blinds / Roman blinds. For instance, with the new comfort and design slat CDL a completely new, custom-developed reversing gear will be used in future. This allows quick and professional elimination of diagonal pull, as well as simple change of the tiebacks in a few simple steps and without having to remove the blind. "When closed they look like a laminar still image similar to that of a roller shutter thanks to the eccentric perforation of the slats and the high slat overlapping. This linear and straightforward design is a perfect fit for today's architectural language - and thus ensures a high level of comfort", explains Roma Product Manager Thomas Heintz. With the product design and the concealed perforations, direct light is prevented across the entire area when the slats are closed. Specially developed guide rails also do not allow any direct

light exposure, which increases the living comfort.

Diverse and simple

Depending on the location of the area to be shaded, various systems are available which take into account the requirements in relation to the blinds, the guide elements, the fastenings, etc. Fortunately a close eye is also always kept on easy assembly during the technical further development of the products: For instance, Alukon offers a new gathering blinds / Roman blinds system, which is based on the company's product portfolio. "We developed the RAFF-E, which is mainly characterised by its easy assembly and large sizes", reports President Klaus Braun. This box which is ideal for gathering blinds / Roman blinds was customised precisely to the requirements of the blind in its design and offers retailers and fabricators an individual product solution for the installation of gathering blinds / Roman blinds. The company also thought of everything when it comes to the necessary maintenance work: An inspection flap was integrated instead of a narrow shaft at the bottom of the box. Gathering blinds / Roman blinds will definitely continue to show their best side in all respects at R+T 2018.

About R+T

For over 50 years, companies have been presenting their innovations and demonstrating their solutions for the central topics in the industry at R+T, the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems. During the trade fair or at one of the numerous evening events: R+T provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with colleagues, and is the ideal platform for intensive specialist discussions.

Several specialist forums and networking events ensure that contacts are forged and give participants new impetus for their daily work. As the leading world trade fair, R+T is equally a meeting point for the industry, a trend barometer and an innovation platform.

With the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection (BVRS), the National Federation of Door and Gate Manufacturers (BVT) and the Industrial Association for Technical Textiles, Roller Shutters and Sun Protection (ITRS), R+T can count on the support of strong partners who ensure market orientation. A large number of associations and institutions, e.g. the European Solar Shading Organisation (ES-SO) and ift Rosenheim, are involved in R+T and actively help to shape the accompanying programme.

888 exhibitors (2012: 816) from all corners of the world presented their products and services in Stuttgart in 2015. In addition to the major exhibitor countries, which include Italy, France and the Netherlands, the trade fair also recorded growth in 2015 from countries who were not previously represented at R+T – for example Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Romania. The 59,057 visitors also came from all over the world: They travelled from 131 countries. A total of 54 percent of the visitors came from abroad, 79 percent of whom came from Europe. On average they spent two days discovering the innovations and trends at R+T in detail.

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