We are already well-positioned for R+T 2018: over 650 exhibitors have registered and 80 per cent of the exhibition space is occupied. Paul Horn Hall, our new Hall 10, will also be ready on time. It will therefore form an ideal basis to develop the trade fair further together with the industry.

The door and gate industry will obtain their own entrance with Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8) and Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10), and will therefore be even more compact in future. The short distances and the structure of the trade fair grounds in Stuttgart now enable the sun protection area to be further centralised and improved in qualitative terms.

Without any discernible changes in the usual hall layout with its "regular exhibitors", sun protection systems will now be presented from 2018 onwardsboth in Hall 4 and in Oskar Lapp Hall (Hall 6). "The acquisition of new target groups for our exhibitors plays an important role in this respect," said Sebastian Schmid, who is responsible for the further development of the trade fair. For example, Oskar Lapp Hall (Hall 6) will also become the "mecca" for the hotel and restaurant sector at the next R+T. "In addition to traditional R+T visitors, this concept is also specifically geared towards everyone involved in making decisions regarding investments and the expansion of restaurant areas. In addition to other international companies, we have attracted in Renson and Weinor two well-known firms who will decisively shape the image of the new hall through their presence at R+T 2018 in Stuttgart," said Sebastian Schmid.