We look forward to a direct dialogue with our partners

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Jörg Madest from GfA Elektromaten GmbH & Co. KG sees R+T 2024 as an opportunity for direct dialogue with partners. The company sees agility in product development as crucial in order to keep pace with rapidly changing markets. GfA's development shows a trend towards greater integration of software and various components. GfA presents itself as an innovative company that sees challenges as opportunities for growth and further development.

What makes R+T so interesting for GfA?

Jörg Madest: The R+T in Stuttgart is absolutely important to us, after all, it is the world's leading trade fair in our industry! We are very much looking forward to going into a direct exchange with our partners – unfortunately, this has been possible far too little in recent years. 

What is the focus of your trade fair stand?

Jörg Madest: Overall, we will present a wide range of products. However, for us, it is most important to get feedback on our products and ideas. Everything is developing rapidly – including the markets. In order to meet the requirements, it is essential for us to have an immediate exchange with our customers. We have decided to not simply present products at the world's leading trade fair, but would like to take impulses home from Stuttgart. To this end, we also show products that are quite market-ready, but not yet on the market. We would like to go into the discussion: Is that the right way? Where should adjustments be made? The direct feedback from our customers is a valuable indicator for our product innovations. The high level of internationality at the R+T in Stuttgart is also important for us. Here we have the opportunity to further develop or adapt products in relation to the different markets. We would therefore like to actively shape the future market together with our partners. The trade visitors can look forward to new ideas and concepts from GfA!  

How long does it take until you can present a product?

Jörg Madest: This is very different, it always depends on the goal. Sometimes everything happens very quickly, within a few months, at other times we need years. This is because we are always agile in development, there are usually plenty of possible directions during a development phase. It is important to us to offer high-quality products with added value.

Have you submitted a product for the Innovation Award?

Jörg Madest: Oh yes – we are absolutely convinced of this and are very happy about the nomination! We have always considered gates as an ecosystem and have thought a lot about how to use an existing GfA product in other ways across sectors. I can promise this: The results speak very well for themselves.

How has GfA developed over the past three years?

Jörg Madest: We have seen the difficult circumstances of recent years as an opportunity to develop further. GfA has taken a step away from traditional mechanical engineering. Software and the various components are playing an increasingly important role in our company. Overall, we are also taking a new approach to our products.  This has led to new methods that have an impact on almost all areas of the company. Of course, these processes will not be completed in the near future, so that just takes time. It is of utmost importance for GfA to involve the employees in the process – they are the highest asset and have built up the value of the company. Overall, I am sure that we are on the right track here. For example, the GfA was voted the top training company by Handelsblatt and last year we won the Grand Prix of the German SME sector - we are of course very proud of it!

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk today!


Captions and picture credits: GfA Elektromaten GmbH & Co. KG

1.    Jörg Madest, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Head of Sales and Product Management at GfA Elektromaten GmbH & Co KG
2.    The company will also present itself at R+T in Stuttgart in 2024.