Innovation Award R+T 2021

Technical, sophisticated, innovative, creative - these are the characteristics of the product developments presented on the occassion of the Innovation Award of R+T. This year, for the 11th time, exhibitors and companies from all over the world will have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas to an expert jury. The best submissions will finally be rewarded at R+T 2021 and will receive the Innovation Award at the official award ceremony on 21st February 2021.

As in previous years, companies can enter their ideas in various prize categories. In a subsequent pre-juridification, a jury of industry experts, association representatives and specialists will nominate the best entries for the shortlist. On the basis of this pre-selection, the winners per category are finally determined in the final jury session and chosen at the awards ceremony.  

The Innovation Award of R+T will be conferred jointly by the Bundesverband Rollladen und Sonnenschutz e.V., the BVT – Verband Tore, the Industrieverband Technische Textilien – Rollladen – Sonnenschutz e. V. and Messe Stuttgart.

Detailed information about this year's award categories and the application and submission process will be published soon.


Impressions of the Award Ceremony 2018

Innovation Award 2018: Winner in the category

Chain tensioner UKS 12-20

Use of chain drives
In door construction, chain drives are used to transmit the drive force to a door shaft. The objectives are to make effective use of the available space and increase the available torque of the drive by using a transmis-sion.    

Optimal operation
Drive chains must be tensioned properly to achieve optimal operation. A tension that is too high leads to irregular loads of the chain (polygon effect). This results in running noise and increased wear. By contrast, chains tensioned too weakly lead to a reduced number of engaged chain links. In extreme cases, a chain tensioned too weakly may start skipping - with the consequence of massive damage to the door construction.        

Chain tensioner as a standard solution
Besides using fixed chain tensioners for regular retightening, it would also be possible to deploy self-tensioning chain tensioners that guaran-tee uniform and low-vibration running and ensure that the chain is not over-tensioned. It also compensates for chain elongation and prevents the chain from skipping. Existing solutions in door construction have a decisive disadvantage: they require a wall or an additional element on the door construction for attachment. These are individual solutions adapted to the respective door system and its installation conditions. This results in increased assembly effort, inflexibility and excessive costs.

GfA chain tensioner UKS 12-20
The new universal chain tensioner UKS 12-20 does not require a fixed point. Simply install the universal chain tensioner in chains ranging from 12 B-1 to 20 B-1 according to DIN 8187. The wrapping circumference of the sprockets is increased to ensure even distribution of the load over a higher number of effective teeth. Chain elongation due to wear is com-pensated automatically. This simplifies maintenance work considerably as there is no need to retighten the chain regularly. Product and installa-tion costs are at a very low level. The flexibility of this solution is unique.        


Chain tensioner as a standard solutionGfA chain tensioner UKS 12-20GfA chain tensioner UKS 12-20GfA chain tensioner UKS 12-20

Cassette roller blind Stretch

Innovative curtain offers individual views according to elongation
R+T Innovation Award 2018 for cassette roller blind by Warema

Warema is presenting the cassette roller blind Stretch for the first time at the R+T 2018, the world's leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading systems. The innovation allows varying levels of brightness into a room depending on the level of elongation of the special fabric, allowing the user to easily change from a clear view to effective glare control. This unique concept has ensured that the European market leader for technical sun shading products secured the attention of all the experts: the study Cassette roller blind Stretch is the holder of the R+T Innovation Award 2018 in the category of internal sun shading systems.

A fabric with a transparency that can be set individually – sounds like something from the future. The only other area where this sort of thing is not unheard of is in the case of glass that darkens according to the level of brightness. However, the principle of the cassette roller blind Stretch is easy to understand – the secret's in having the right fabric. To achieve it, Warema worked closely with a weaving mill to develop a special fabric from fixed silicone threads and various other yarns, which it then consistently improved. Warema has turned this curtain into a motor-powered roller blind that can be controlled by switch or control. 

Setting the opening factor individually
The fabric stretches over the downward movement of the roller blind, which gives it a higher opening factor. The high level of transparency provides a clear view through and allows plenty of daylight into the room. When it is fully extended, the bottom rail takes up its position, and elongation is reduced. The fabric contracts to provide reliable glare control. Thanks to this basic principle, the user can control transparency, the incidence of light and the level of glare control as flexibly as with a venetian blind. 

Those who prefer a little more ease can combine this product with a Warema control such as the Warema Mobile System (WMS) to save specific comfort positions or opening factors. They are then simply called up at the touch of a button. As operation of the curtain is self-explanatory and it moves only between its end positions, there is no risk of incorrect operation. 

Ideal for computer workstations
The cassette roller blind Stretch is suitable for a wide range of applications, but has particular potential in the commercial building sector. In the workplace, daylight increases both well-being and performance. On the other hand, solar radiation can quickly heat up a room and irritate the eyes. This new roller blind by Warema ensures glare-free working at a screen without having to miss out on natural light or a visual connection to outside. This means it complies fully with the requirements of the Workplace Ordinance, which calls for product solutions that combine a view out with glare control.

Nor should the energy efficiency of the sun shading system be underestimated. Easy control of the chosen level of transparency offers a high potential for energy savings, and thus for cost savings, thanks to the glare-free use of daylight. And in winter, heat radiation from the sun combined with glare control can reduce heating costs. In addition to its functionality, the roller blind scores points in particular for the natural, modern look of the curtain. This also helps to create a comfortable atmosphere with a high comfort factor in the private sphere.

Copyright: Warema.


TwinTube Conservatory Shading System

The TwinTube conservatory shading system is a new dimension to shade conservatories. The characteristic of this innovative product is an always perfect tensioned fabric without any wrinkles and a longer life time.

The state of the art until now is, that the fabric panels of a conservatory shading system is sewed or glued together. Because of the seams and hems, wrinkles cannot be avoided until now when the fabric is rolled up.

With the patented TwinTube technology there is for the first time an always perfect fabric without any wrinkles. For that purpose the single fabric panels are alternately fixed on two separate fabric tubes. One of the fabric tubes is operated with an electric motor and belts move the front profile in and out. The second fabric tube contents a pre-tensioned spring. The interaction of both fabric tubes, keep the single fabric panels always perfectly tensioned and wrinkle free. In addition both fabric tubes are assisted by supports to avoid a bending, especially for big sizes.

Rapidly changing weather situations are stressing shading systems, like rain or heavy wind. Common conservatory shading systems are exposed to weather conditions with a big fabric surface.
There is an additional value with the single fabric panels. Wind can pass through the fabric panels and damages through heavy wind will be avoided. Also even in heavy rain the fabric will not collect water, because the loose fabric panels will allow water to drain.


TwinTube-WintergartenmarkiseTwinTube-Technologie mit zwei separaten TuchwellenVorgespannte Drehfeder für jederzeit gespannte Markisentuchbahnen

Programming cable "smart"

Innovation for trade partners: Warema's programming cable "smart"
Easy to set thanks to smartphone intelligence.

Easier than ever: Warema's programming cable "smart" is a setting control for sun shading drives that clearly make the lot of specialist dealers and fitters easier. This innovative tool is used to set drive stop positions in moments – no need for masses of cables or detailed instructions. The unique advantage of this item is that it can be remote controlled by app. There is no other product like the new programming cable "smart" on the market. This has also been confirmed by the presentation of the coveted R+T Innovation Award for 2018 in the category of drives and controls for roller shutters and sun shading systems. 

Whereas every motor used by Warema used to require a different cable, the new programming cable "smart" now replaces nine different setting cable options by different manufacturers. It is suitable for almost all 230 V drives used by Warema, and Warema's EWFS and WMS remote motors can now also easily be set using the new cable. With the programming cable "smart", the right tool is now always to hand. 

Safely guided through the settings
However, the programming cable "smart" can do much more than merely reduce the number of cables required. Although it still allows direct settings to be made to the unit using the membrane keyboard, its main benefit is the smart setting by app. The clearly laid out, intuitive menu structure and straightforward step-by-step instructions greatly reduce the sources of errors. Even if a particular motor is not set very often and the right instructions are not to hand, the app guides the user safely through the process. Furthermore, the instructions are clearly available without Internet and always up-to-date, which enables the user to reach his destination much more quickly and safely. Even complicated programming sequences such as restoring the factory settings of motors with electronic switch-off can be carried out at just the touch of a button thanks to the app. Before now, setting the end positions on large systems or with an obstructed view was often difficult. But now it can easily be done using a smartphone and standing on the ground, where the end positions are clearly visible and so can be set precisely.

Professional performance with customers
The programming cable "smart" is unique on the market, and was developed by Warema with its trade partners in mind to make their daily activities much easier in future. Because the setting process is quick, intuitive and always the same on all motors, customer satisfaction is increased because complaints are reliably prevented. All the intelligence is in the updateable app "Warema programming cable smart", which is available for Android and ISO free of charge from app stores. Communication between programming cable and smartphone is wireless and encoded via WLAN, and the smart programming cable provides the required WLAN.

Copyright WAREMA


No compromise: smart control meets emergency operation 

Better to be safe than sorry with Warema SecuKit
A precisely fitting sun shading system at home and in the workplace is an important feel-good factor, supports the efficient use of resources, and thereby increases the value of a property. However, a sun shading system by Warema can do even more by making a house safer. In the Warema SecuKit, the sunlight manager offers a new and unique product that combines the motor-and-belt standard operating variants of a roller shutter to guarantee fast and easy operation in the event of a fire. Warema has received the Plus X Award for High Quality, Ease of Use and Functionality, and the coveted R+T Innovation Award 2018 in the category of roller shutters.

Roller shutters with motor operation are almost the standard in today's new-builds. This trend is the logical consequence in these days of Smart Home technology. Combined with intelligent control, roller shutters provide the maximum home comfort with efficient energy consumption and offering burglary protection at the same time. But what happens if, for instance, there is a power failure during a fire? 

More and more regional building regulations in the various federal states are calling for every residential unit to have emergency operation that is independent of the power supply. Before now, the only alternative in this instance was to have a motor with a separate hand crank or with battery back-up. Both options have clear disadvantages in daily use. For instance, it would take a lot of handle turns to open a door-height roller shutter, which would cost precious minutes in the event of an emergency. Then there is the risk of an operating error if the correct direction of rotation is not immediately clear. However, the movement behaviour of solutions involving a separate motor and battery back-up operation are different in normal daily use because of the different motor rotations, and this requires the battery to be changed every two years, which also necessitates a function and visual check.

Belt operation for emergencies
But now there is a reliable and self-explanatory alternative in the Warema SecuKit for roller shutters. It combines easy everyday operation with the additional benefit of an emergency operating function without the need for the usual compromises. Warema roller shutters with SecuKit are powered by a motor and are easy to operate with intelligent controls. Their main advantage lies in the additional belt operation for emergencies that works independently of the power supply. In the event of a power failure, perhaps if there is a fire, then the closed curtain can be lifted with just a few hand movements to provide a clear escape route to the outside. Using the belt is self-explanatory, reliable, easy and above all quick. Operating the belt at any other time will not affect the motorised use of the same. So no reset is required, and all the settings are maintained. The system can generally be used reliably without the need for specific maintenance. 

In normal daily use, all the usual benefits of the high-grade basic motorisation are available, such as torque monitoring and freeze protection, so there are no limitations at all in operation. Furthermore, because they have the same movement behaviour, roller shutters with SecuKit blend neatly with the façade, which ensures they all extend and retract smoothly and evenly. The unobtrusive belt fixation also stays discreetly in the background inside the room, since this system does not require an additional belt winder.

Those who wish to protect rooms against more than just too much heat and light will find customised solutions for new buildings and renovations at Warema. Warema SecuKit guarantees maximum safety with the highest comfort.

Copyright: Warema.

Tape spool SmartTurn

ROMA SmartTurn – the most innovative tape spool on the market
All ROMA venetian blinds will now be installed with the brand-new ROMA SmartTurn tape spool, developed in-house. Blinds will no longer need to be dismounted to make simple adjustments to settings, such as diagonal pull and tilt angle, or to change a worn lift tape. Access to the underside of the top lath with the blind lowered is all you need to easily perform any work. This revolutionary venetian blind product has been crowned with the R+T 2018 Innovation Award.

The SmartTurn tape spool’s superior technology is especially useful for changing the lift tape. The unique clip-in mechanism for the lift tape cassette enables you to change the tape from the underside – tool-free! It is quick and easy to do, with limited handling and no blind dismounting required. 

What is more, easy-to-access adjustment wheels on the underside of the top lath (upper rail) mean that any diagonal pull can be quickly remedied. By the way, our CDL Comfort & Design slats equipped with SmartTurn have now been on the market since 2017. 


Tape spool SmartTurn © ROMA KGChange lift tape in no time at all thanks to our unique clip-in mechanism. © ROMA KGChange lift tape in no time at all thanks to our unique clip-in mechanism. © ROMA KG


Heat, light and cooling for terraces and outdoor area
With the MODULAR SYSTEM, Burda Worldwide Technologies presents a unique system solution for the air conditioning of outdoor areas. The patented plug-in system combines infrared heaters with LED lighting and/or cooling nozzles and fits perfectly under any awning, patio roofing, pergola or conservatory.

Click & Heat - simple awning solution for warm terraces
With the MODULAR SYSTEM, Burda WTG offers tailor-made heating solutions for small and large terraces and outdoor areas. Instead of several single devices, the plug-in system allows a combination of infrared heating elements, LED modules and / or cooling nozzles, which are precisely tailored to the customer's heat demand and requirements (CD). With special brackets, the assembled modules can be easily hung under awnings or attached to walls or ceilings. 
The core elements of the plug-in system are weatherproof, rustproof, 2.000-watt radiant heaters, which provide instant heat without pre-heating by infrared shortwave. The infrared heaters are equipped with powerful, eye-friendly ULTRA LOW GLARE tubes with 80% less red light. If you want light, combine the spotlights with LED spots, and if it gets too hot in the summer, refresh yourself with the patented PERFECTCLIME® cooling nozzles, which distribute refreshing cooling mist. Planned is an extension with speakers and UV light against insects.

Multifunctional system solution for all outdoor areas
The modules are weatherproof (IP67/65) and can be produced in any RAL color. With the help of panels, the length can also be cut to fit individual awning sizes or areas. The system can be expanded or reduced at any time. If required, the modules can also be used individually with the corresponding side parts, for example, during a redesign.

In addition to individual modules, which can be configured according to the customer's wishes, BURDA WTG also offers ready-to-use MODULARE SETS with a length of three to five meters and in different equipment variants.

More information unter: oder unter


GreenScreen Sea-Tex ™

GreenScreen Sea-Tex ™ is the world's first sunscreen fabric made from 50% recycled ocean plastic waste. The plastic in the Pacific Ocean has created a 'plastic soup' of up to 15 million square kilometres which would take hundreds of years to break down. Helping clean up this waste is one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns.

GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ yarns are made from ocean plastic collected by the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international group who manage beach clean-up events. Almost 100% of the plastic shoreline trash collected is used to make GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ yarns. This unique and sustainable fabric is flame retardant, energy-efficient, PVC and halogen free and was awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label and GREENGUARD certification.

With GreenScreen Sea-Tex ™, Hunter Douglas once again demonstrates its commitment to innovative and sustainable product development for sun protection products.

Copyright Hunter Douglas


Stackdoor Tammo Schut

Stackdoor is the safest security grille that can be applied to any facade due to its unique stacking mechanism.

Stackdoor sets the norm in security grilles. Through continuously innovation Stackdoor® is the highest certified security grille recognized by insurers for facade and entrance. With the latest RC resistance class certificate (RC2/RC3) for the grille, Stackdoor surpasses all other open security grilles. Hence the Stackdoor security grille is applicable in circumstances where security level 4 is required.

Traditional rolling grilles have various drawbacks, all who have experience in this field will agree. For example, the shutterbox in which the grille rolls up takes up a lot of space and cannot be applied in every situation and certainly is not always aesthetically attractive. This conclusion was also drawn by Tammo Schut. He created a modern, innovative solution: Stackdoor®.

Stackdoor is a completely new security grille that can be used in almost every situation. What are the main differences with the traditional rolling shutters? Tammo Schut: "This door does not roll up but by simply stacking the slats many of the drawbacks of rolling systems are now a thing of the past. Stackdoors installation space is significantly smaller, no more than the depth of the grille, which results in significant reduction of built in space. Up to 20x smaller. In comparison with the traditional rolling grilles, Stackdoor® is absolutely optimized, and with the possibility to use different material thicknesses, this product is stronger than a regular rolling grille. "

The stackable security grille has already been used in many projects in recent years. Several department stores, shopping centers, the Markthallen in Rotterdam, Schiphol Plaza and various supermarket chains.
According to Schut, there are even more advantages. "Because of the unique operating mechanism, Stackdoor® locks itself as soon as the gate is closed, making it possible to exclude the lifting up off the grille without additional locks, the mechanism itself secures it independently, in other words: lifting the safety grille is impossible. However the biggest advantage of the stacking mechanism makes it possible to make the grille in any shape, round, curved in or with corners at an desired angle. Stackdoor is the only security grille that can do this. 

What makes the patented Stackdoor security grille unique? 

Heavy break-in resistance 

  • WK2/WK3 certificate available (the only one in the market)
  • Compliant to security level 4 standard 
  • 3 to 5x times more material thickness
  • Non-liftable 
  • High preventive appearance
  • Up to 15 minutes break-in delay time


  • Stackable lightweight & very strong construction  
  • Slim design & maximum transparency 
  • Available in any color and in stainless steel
  • In any shape available (straight, round, corner)
  • Wide span without intermediate side guides


  • Own production with high-quality components 
  • Low energy consumption
  • 5 years Stackdoor warranty 

Ease of installation

  • Applicable to any facade, entrance and interior space
  • Up to 20 times less installation space required
  • Modular mounting system
  • Easy architectual integration to ceiling and wall

Radio Motor Control Unit F-Con

Radio Motor Control Unit for Plug System F-Con
The wireless motor control unit RF-MSG-DST is used for manual operation and automatic control of shading elements or windows. It can be used with all 230 V motors with standard 4-wire connection (up/down) independently of t he manufacturer. In addition, it has a 230 V AC output to supply additional control units with motors (loop-through function). This allows for short and optimized cable routing when using multiple motor control units. All connections are made as STAK3 couplings or STAS3 plugs.

The RF-MSG-DST is available for two radio systems: The version for the Elsner RF radio protocol communicates with remote controls, wireless pushbuttons or central control systems from Elsner Elektronik. The KNX RF-MSG-DST version uses the manufacturer-independent KNX radio standard KNX RF.

The (KNX) RF-MSG-DST and the other F-Con modules make it very easy to implement individual sun shading solutions: The radio motor control unit (KNX) RF-MSG-ST is used as a termination module when several control units are connected one behind the other. The (KNX) RF-MSG2-DST allows for separate radio control of two motors.

Elsner Elektronik also offers pre-assembled connecting cables between motor control units and drives. Especially handy: the matching power supply cable with earthing contact plug for even faster completion of the commissioning. The fixed connection to the house power grid can be done later by a qualified electrician.

The plug system F-Con is scalable. It allows the series connection of several radio motor control units and group control relays. Depending on the switch-on load, up to 12 wireless motor control units can be operated per mains connection (maximum 1.5 kW). Thus, for example, the shading of an entire floor or a facade can be controlled by radio.

Radio motor control unit RF-MSG-DST.Easy sun protection control with F-Con motor control units.Motors and F-Con control units are connected with pre-made lines to individual sun protection solutions.

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades represents a completely new dimension of interior sun protection. Pirouette® Shades is a new proprietary product development with a sophisticated fabric design with soft fabric vanes, a clear view to the outside, discrete privacy and a striking design. The product concept holds 4 patents.
The luxurious fabric design also softly filters glare and UV rays - protecting furniture and floor from fading. The unique design transforms harsh exterior light by diffusing it, spreading it evenly throughout a room to maximise daylight hours and reduce the need for artificial light.

GreenScreen Sea-Tex ™

GreenScreen Sea-Tex ™ is the world's first sunscreen fabric made from 50% recycled ocean plastic waste. The plastic in the Pacific Ocean has created a 'plastic soup' of up to 15 million square kilometres which would take hundreds of years to break down. Helping clean up this waste is one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns.

GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ yarns are made from ocean plastic collected by the Waterkeeper Alliance, an international group who manage beach clean-up events. Almost 100% of the plastic shoreline trash collected is used to make GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ yarns. This unique and sustainable fabric is flame retardant, energy-efficient, PVC and halogen free and was awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label and GREENGUARD certification. 

With GreenScreen Sea-Tex ™, Hunter Douglas once again demonstrates its commitment to innovative and sustainable product development for sun protection products.

SLTE emergency sliding door

The new generation of automatic pedestrian doors

The complete range of automation for sliding and swing doors FACE, are driven only by Brushless motors in direct drive on the belt without gearbox (SL).
The advanced electronic control, equipped with a 32 bit microcontroller, and with  extended range power supply  100 - 240 V  (50/60 Hz) ready to worldwide installations, is made by Switch Mode technology, which guarantees highest efficiency and reduces energy consumption of the entire automation.

Thanks to:
+ 30% efficiency of the Brushless motor. 
+ 30% efficiency recovery  gained due to the elimination of the gearbox.
+ 15% efficiency of the power supply system into the electronic control achieved by Switch Mode technology.
FACE automations allows to obtain 54% less electricity consumption in comparison to traditional automations with DC brushes gear motors and power systems with transformer.
Thanks to these 3 distinctive elements, FACE sliding automations are elected to the role of the first real “ENERGY SAVING” automations on the market.

Double winding brushless motor in direct drive on the belt without gearbox

Product 90°

The 90° exhibitor roller shutter is a combination of roller shutter and awning. By combining several motors, different positions can be approached, which makes it possible to can both shade and darken when the curtain is extended.

The system is based on a front roller shutter rotated 180° around the vertical axis. The resulting right-hand roller with the box points towards the window frame, while the guide rails are turned away from it.

The construction is held in place by two wall brackets attached to the window frame. In order to distribute the resulting forces better, they are additionally screwed laterally into the reveal. They have a ball bearing receptacle, which can be opened and closed from the front by a clamping stone for assembly and repair purposes. The roller shutter is held by two pivots attached to the side of the blind caps. The combination of ball bearing and pin makes the roller shutter turnable.

The exhibition is carried out by two linear motors, which are each fixed to the guide rail and to the window by means of suitable bearing blocks. To prevent damage to the system, the two motors are operated via a synchronous control system. This ensures that the motors run parallel or synchronously and that the linear motors are switched off in the event of an overload on one of the drives.

In order to keep the space required for the front roller shutter to rotate as small as possible, a semicircular box was developed. The tank, which is operated by a bidirectional radio motor, rolls up in this semi-circular box. The Sierra 9/35 wooden roller shutter from Heydebreck was chosen as the curtain. Due to its heavy material, it offers good sound and heat insulation as well as high stability. A PVC piping in the guide rails ensures that the wooden armour cannot slide back into the box when it is in its flared state. An end bracket connecting the two guide rails provides the curtain with a good permanent support surface. This connection also ensures that the distance between the guide rails is not too great and that the curtain cannot fall out. This angle contains two drainage holes to drain accumulated rainwater.

The box's dazzle caps have an angled rear wall that extends to the lower edge of the guide rails. This provides the respective guide rail with additional support and ensures increased stability. The guide rails themselves are from the security roller shutter range, which is why they have a high inherent stability. In addition, they have sufficient material thickness to screw the bearing blocks together.

The system can execute 6 movement commands. The first closes and the second opens the roller shutter without the linear motors being used. Like other commands, the sunroof can be opened or closed. The tank remains stationary. The control used by the SmartHome manufacturer Loxone also offers 2 comfort commands. The first of the two commands is used to issue the roller shutter. First the curtain closes. Only when the bidirectional tube motor confirms that the end position has been reached do the linear motors move to the desired shading position. The other serves to end the exhibition. When a movement command is issued, the linear motors close and the curtain retracts.

This control is operated via a BUS control from Loxone. The use of the SmartHome control system offers intuitive operation of the system and easy extension of spring sensors. It also lays the foundation for the automation of the rest of the house.

For operation, a LoxoneTree Touch switch was attached to the journeyman's piece. The operation functions as described on the journeyman's piece.