ES-SO Workshop

“Smart solar shading as innovative concept for energy savings and healthy comfort in low energy buildings”

Climate change is leading to overheating in new and existing buildings. Especially in well insulated and low energy buildings overheating is becoming a real challenge to combat. Experts from business and science will highlight the impact and benefits of smart solar shading in new build and renovated building stock. 
Participants in the seminar receive the new edition of the ES-SO Technical Handbook.

The Shading Seminar Day will be held in English.

Speakers’ topics:

  • ES-SO Smart Solar Shading Campaign with deliverables for the business (Peter Winters and Anders Hall)
  • ES-SDA, The European Solar Shading Database and the ESBO simulation tool (Dave Bush and Per Sahlin)
  • What news on CEN Standards for shading and shutters (Hervé Lamy and Tilmann Kuhn)
  • Outcomes of the Energy Balance Hauser study (Wilhelm Hachtel) (D/E)

Free attendance to the workshop for all interested professionals:   
Solar shading professionals, architects, engineers consultants, building contractors, buildings facade manufacturers and many more.

Contact and registration: ann.vaneycken(at)

Date:           1st March 2018
Time:          9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location:    R+T ATRIUM, Entrance East