The Doors/Gates Forum during R+T

Short lectures and discussion panels on current challenges and technical innovations in the industry such as:

  • Digitalisation in doors/gates technology: The Doors/Gates Forum informs about current trends.
  • Damages on doors/gates: Recent cases from damage assessment experts show how courts decide.
  • Examination and certification of fire protection doors/gates: Fire protection doors/gates play an important role in the safety of buildings - if all technical requirements are fulfilled.
  • The Energy Label issued by the European Door & Shutter Federation e. V. (E.D.S.F.) supports door/gate manufacturers in putting the “Green Deal” of the EU Commission into reality, producing sustainable products and marking them as such. The Doors/Gates Forum demonstrates how the tool works.

Time: 19 - 23 February 
Place: Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10), Stand 10D51