ES-SO Seminar: Climate resilient and sustainable buildings through smart solar shading

The European Solar Shading Organization, ES-SO for short, invited visitors to a seminar on "Climate Resilience through Smart Solar Shading". The focused on the latest developments in the field of solar shading solutions in terms of wind resistance and automation.

Practical examples from different European regions with convincing facts and figures will serve as a solid basis for the development of innovative solutions.

Participants got an exciting outlook on the upcoming Global Shading Day 2024. In addition, the seminar provided valuable insights into the central role of solar shading in the European legislative landscape, especially in the context of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The seminar was held in English.

Date: Wednesday, 21, February 2024, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: ICS, room C4.1/C4.2

Climate Resilience through Smart Solar Shading


WELCOME WORD 9:30 - 9:40

Anders Hall, President ES-SO
Andrew Chalk, BBSA UK, event moderator


9:40 – 10:40 Key Technical Developments in the World of Solar Shading

Currently, most of building calculation software take litle or no account of how the shuters and blinds are being used, and so inevitably underestimate their performance. Afer 3 years of hard work, the ES-SO Technical Commitee has finally developed control strategies that accurately simulate the performance of manual, motorised and automated solar shading devices across Europe. Their ground-breaking results will change the way building designers look at shuters and blinds.
Speaker: Hervé Lamy, ES-SO Chair Technical Commitee

In many European countries, external shading is becoming essential in developing climate resilient office buildings. This evolution increases the need for building designers to have clear guidelines on the performance of wind resistance of solar shading solutions. Wind tunnel tests have been carried out on the main families of external shading to set guidelines. Discover the results at R&T.
Speaker: Hervé Lamy, Chair Technical Commitee

The significance of accurate modeling data, as demonstrated in the ES-SDA (European Solar Shading Database), cannot be overstated in the context of global warming. This tool plays a pivotal role in understanding and assessing the accurate performance of solar shading in various building contexts. By providing comprehensive and precise data, ES-SDA enhances the credibility and effectiveness of solar shading systems, contributing to improved energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and overall building performance. Learn about the latest developments.
Speaker: Dave Bush, ES-SO Chair ES-SDA

10:40 – 11:30 Influential Developments Across Europe

Discover significant advancements happening across Europe. Our speakers will share practical examples from France, Germany, and the U.K., illustrating the real impact of industry tools in showcasing the effectiveness of our solutions.

France: CALLEEPSO Tool for Installers / Speaker: Vladimir Luzhbin-Asseev

Germany: Hauser Study 2023. Speaker: Stephan Schlitzberger 

U.K.: Salford Study and Bayham Case: Insightul presentations demonstrating practical applications of tools within the industry. Speaker: Zoe De Grussa

11:30 – 11:50 Join the ES-SO Alliance

On 21 March, the first day of spring, Global Shading Day wants to bring atention to the numerous benefits of solar shading to make buildings more climate resilient. During an entire week ES-SO and its partners will actively raise awareness through a series of activities and resharing content with the hashtag #GlobalShadingDay. Find out how you can be part of Global Shading Day 2024.
Speaker: Isabelle Wintmolders, ES-SO Chair Marketing Committee

The construction industry has historically been reluctant to adopt new building practices, such as heat pumps, facing initial skepticism before gaining widespread acceptance. To effectively market our solutions and establish them as a building standard, there's a crucial need for enhanced knowledge and understanding. ES-SO addresses this need by offering an extensive training program specifically designed for professional suppliers of solar shading solutions.
Speaker: Maria Moya, ES-SO Chair Professional Development Committee

ES-SO is a partner of Inspireli since 2021. Inspireli is the largest global online platorm for student architects. This important partnership aims to prioritize solar shading in the agenda of future architects, shaping a deeper understanding of its pivotal role in building design.

Through the persistent efforts of the Global ABC, for years, buildings are finally entering the agenda of sustainability and resilience. Dynamic solar shading is recognised as an important contributor to meet the challenges ahead. The future of a circular economy holds the key to innovative solutions and fresh business models in our pursuit of achieving net zero by 2050. Embracing this circular approach entails creating products and systems focused on longevity, recyclability, and reuse. Solar shading, with its commitment to energy efficiency and positive environmental impact, seamlessly aligns with circular economy principles. Are you prepared for this essential transition?