R+T Alliance Lounge

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As the World's leading trade fair, R+T reflected the success of international industries in the field of sun shading systems and doors/gates. In its 50-year success story, R+T has successfully brought its trade fair themes to various international markets.

The trade fair alliance for the sun shading and doors/gates industry, the R+T Alliance, currently consists of six trade fair events at five locations on three continents: R+T in Stuttgart, R+T Asia, R+T Turkey, APA Expo by R+T, Sun Shading Expo North America and OUTDOOR. AMBIENTE. LIVING.

The R+T Alliance project team and our international colleagues from China, Turkey and the USA were on site at the R+T Alliance Lounge to provide you with the latest market data, country information and participation opportunities.

Date: daily

Location: Entrance East, R+T Alliance Lounge