R+T 2018 in the starting blocks

13.10.2015 - 12:00

Planning already in full swing / Demand on part of exhibitors remains high

What must building automation that meets the highest quality standards with regard to aesthetics, comfort and energy efficiency guarantee? And how can roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems that were formerly independently controlled be optimally networked with the building's entire control technology? These questions are current challenges for the roller shutter, doors/gates and sun protection sector, and will also be themes at R+T Stuttgart, the leading world trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems, which will take place from 27 February to 3 March 2018.

R+T presents a wide-ranging exhibition, from exterior Venetian blinds to awning control, and from fire protection doors and gates to security equipment. In addition, novelties are developed by renowned market leaders specifically for the product première at the trade fair.

Over two years before the start of the trade fair, exhibitor acquisition for R+T 2018 has started – Exhibitors can now already secure for themselves the best placements at the trade fair centre directly adjacent to Stuttgart Airport. For 2018, the project management can once again expect a sold-out trade fair centre. "R+T 2015 experienced incredibly strong demand in its anniversary year, which has not diminished even after the end of the event. Already now, a few months before the allocation of stand areas, the interest in the coming event in spring 2018 is very high," says Sebastian Schmid, department manager for Industry & Technology. With their huge interest, the exhibitors from Germany and abroad underline the importance of the event – which is also indicated by the current placement requests. "We are delighted that, with the expansion of the trade fair centre to include the Horn Halle (Hall 10), we are able to offer our R+T exhibitors more exhibition space, and thus to comply with more requests."

R+T 2018 will in all probability be one of the first Messe Stuttgart events to be able to use the newly added exhibition area. The Horn Halle (Hall 10) should be completed in 2018, thus providing new perspectives for further growth for events already reaching their capacity limits. The Horn Halle (Hall 10) will have a total of 14,600 square metres of floor space. 

More information on the event is available at: www.rt-expo.com 

See also the new R+T image film at: www.messe-stuttgart.de/de/r-t/besucher/ 


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