"R+T is once again an excellent opportunity for the entire industry to exchange ides and opinions with one another and use them to create new ideas. Our new trade fair concept is the ideal platform to hold intensive technical discussions, develop relationships and forge new contacts. As a manufacturer of technical sun protection systems, we supply both traditional product solutions for sun protection systems and an extensive range of customised innovation solutions which we will present in an impressive way on our exhibition stand."  

"R+T 2018 will certainly also be dominated by the digital revolution and Industry 4.0. The integration of sun protection systems in the building services network is penetrating all business areas. One of the main concerns of our Association is therefore to make our specialised companies fit to cope with this development. This also includes digitalisation of business processes and customer communication, as well as the establishment of entirely new digital business models. We are looking forward to R+T 2018 and are keen to see the future industry solutions which will be exhibited at the trade fair."  

 "The trade fair is an effective platform for us as an association because firstly we want to present ourselves to the industry which still does not have any direct contact with us. Secondly, we can talk to visitors at R+T who to date have only dealt with exterior sun protection systems and show them that there is sales potential inside apartments. and houses. We will therefore be present on the area for the first time in 2018. In the foyer of Hall 7 we will create an attractive area offering a good mixture of entertainment and information. Apprentices are also very welcome to visit us on our stand. We will have ready for them a 34-page textbook entitled "Privacy and sun protection - combination of design and function" which contains a complete overview ranging from history and the product range through to technology. We are pleased to be such a part of the success story of R+T."  

"I always enjoy going to R+T because, as an expert, I can obtain information there about all the innovations in our industry. It is still important for me to make contact with my existing suppliers. I also meet a large number of Guild colleagues from all over Germany when I walk around the trade fair. Since R+T fair is a marketplace for every entrepreneur, I also like to take some of my employees to this trade fair so that they can also obtain information!"

„Die R+T in Stuttgart ist für uns die weltweit wichtigste Messe. Dementsprechend laufen die Vorbereitungen für 2018 schon jetzt auf Hochtouren, so dass sich die Besucher auf viel Neues aus dem Hause Alukon freuen dürfen. Neben Produktneuheiten werden vor allem unsere neuen Möglichkeiten als Systemhersteller im Fokus stehen, nachdem wir uns an unserem Firmenstandort deutlich vergrößert haben.”


"R+T is a must-attend event for everyone from our industry. With their perfect presentation of the latest innovative products for visitors to touch and test, exhibitors will make R+T a special highlight in 2018. There is no other trade fair where you can obtain information about current trends so quickly and comprehensively. Messe Stuttgart, exhibitors and associations also always create a first-class accompanying programme. For me personally, it is especially pleasing after more than 25 active years as a consultant for the industry and craft enterprises to see that the trade fair has lost nothing of its appeal and is the meeting point for the large roller shutter and sun protection family. Esteemed entrepreneurs: allow your personnel to attend the trade fair and show young employees, in particular, that it is worthwhile to be involved in such an exciting future market. We'll see one another at R+T 2018!" 

"I am really looking forward to R+T 2018. It is the leading trade fair for sun protection and the international platform for the industry. R+T has its finger on the pulse with the ideal three-year cycle. Our members can present their products here in an ideal environment, irrespective of whether they produce sun protection systems or supply production components. ViS and its member companies exhibit internal privacy and sun protection systems in a separate product area at the trade fair. R+T provides a complete overview of the industry. The products and services are complemented by a first-rate and varied accompanying programme for architects and trade visitors. It is also possible to meet craft associations in Stuttgart. Both the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection (BVRS) and the National Association of Interior Decorators (ZVR) actively support the promotion of young people. The location right next door to Stuttgart Airport, makes it easy to travel to and from the trade fair." 

"Every industry has its own very special event highlight. For the sun protection industry this means R+T. Here at Warema we eagerly look forward to the world's leading trade fair every three years because it is the most important platform for us as a sunlight manager. We are right in the middle of planning our exhibition stand on which we will show our customers the latest innovative product solutions in a superb atmosphere. We are looking forward to surprising visitors with our new trade fair concept and filling them with enthusiasm for Warema. It will be worthwhile visiting our exhibition stand!" 

"There are still around twelve months to go until the start of R+T in Stuttgart. However, the most important trade fair for our industry is already the focus of attention among manufacturers of doors/gates and door/gate components. R+T sets the rhythm for many of our member companies. During R+T 2018 exhibitors and the accompanying programme will equally devote a great deal of attention to topics such as energy efficiency, ease of operation and safety equipment on doors/gates. Visitors attending R+T will be able to obtain an extensive overview of the market and will see different solutions to problems and special applications for the door/gate sector." 

"I always like going to R+T, because here my staff and I - the trainees also come along, without exception - can get all the news about our sector. This is indispensable for specialists! In addition, the contact with my suppliers is very important for me. My staff also appreciate the opportunity to personally get to know the respective contact partners on location."

"R+T has been accompanying us for many decades and has been an integral part of our planning right from the very beginning. At the last R+T we presented our sun protection systems for the first time. In 2018 we will again showcase innovative products in Stuttgart. The possibility of cultivating personal contacts in an international setting is important for our company and provides us with ideal opportunities to impress customers with our products and services."

"We are keenly awaiting the developments in the smart home area up to R+T 2018. There will also be new highlights in our HomePilot system which we are developing further and extending from the important aspect of future safety. We will also naturally continue to support our partners in craft enterprises with our drive products and individual ideas. We are already working here on an exciting marketing concept which we will present, for example, at R+T 2018. We therefore again have some interesting projects in the pipeline for R+T." 

"R+T will once again be a highlight for us as an exhibitor. One of our guiding principles is that success is the result of customer proximity. R+T is therefore the ideal platform for us. During the trade fair we forge and cultivate contacts, obtain ideas for further development and present product innovations and the Elero brand to a large number of international trade visitors. We are looking forward to showing trade visitors our extended range of products and services. Because after completing our new focused factory in autumn 2017, we will be able to react even more quickly and more flexibly to customers' needs." 

"In 2018 I will attend R+T in Stuttgart for the fourth time. In particular, I am looking forward to the latest products and innovations in our industry. I will also naturally focus on exchanges of opinions and ideas with colleagues and suppliers, all of whom I will meet on the exhibition stands." 

"Our ITRS will be present at R+T for the seventh time with a stand specially designed for the trade fair. For us it is a good opportunity to meet at least half of our members either as exhibitors or visitors. R+T is interesting for manufacturers from the roller shutter, sun protection and drive systems industries, as well as for an increasing number of companies from other segments of the ITRS." 

"Parà will present Tempotest, the new awning fabric collection, to a global audience during R+T 2018. Colours, designs and materials will be interpreted in a new light, i.e. from the perspective of the sun! The sun is the centre of the universe and communicates with people through light. Light reveals new structures, visual effects and a new mixture of colours which were developed through innovative textile techniques. The new Tempotest collection has a clear message: nothing is as it seems!"

"R+T in Stuttgart is the best opportunity to obtain information about the product diversity and solutions of individual manufacturers. Nowhere else is it possible to acquire information at first hand on such a concentrated area. No other trade fair offers so many niche products which enable us, as a technical partner, to compile as complete a product range as possible for end customers. One pleasant but important side effect is naturally also the chance to meet colleagues again and exchange ideas and experiences with them. All this makes attendance at R+T an absolute must for every specialist company!" 

"We are already looking forward to R+T 2018 because the move to Hall 8 and the new, much larger Hall 10 will offer both exhibitors and visitors entirely new opportunities. In particular, the large number of requests for more space can now be fulfilled. After a period of three years, our industry will again present many improvements and innovations, thus reaffirming the status of R+T as the leading trade fair for presenting innovations in our industry for the first time." 

 "R+T in Stuttgart is indisputably the leading trade fair for the door/gate, roller shutter and sun protection industries, as well as for drive and control systems with which safety, comfort and health can be improved. Doors, gates and shading systems play a leading role in the area of automation in the construction industry. However, this also leads to demands on utilisation safety which can only be determined in conjunction with the application purpose and the group of users. Power-operated construction components are therefore tested by ift Rosenheim for their mechanical, electrical and functional safety. During R+T 2018 the ift special show "Comfort + Safety!“ in Hall 10 will show what construction elements can now do, how the requirements have to be tested and how quality can be assured." 

"The Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection is proud to have been a supporter of R+T right from the very beginning and thus to act as a close partner to Landesmesse Stuttgart in staging this the world's leading trade fair every three years. We cooperate closely with the managers at Messe Stuttgart in order to make R+T an indispensable meeting point for the entire industry every time and to keep it attractive and future-oriented with new ideas for the concept and accompanying programme. However, we are also looking forward to welcoming as many Guild members as possible again on our own stand at R+T 2018 and holding discussions with them." 

"We are eagerly looking forward to the industry event in 2018! The development of product innovations for this event and also the actual trade fair plans are already in full swing. R+T 2018 is therefore both an incentive and motivation for our entire team to finally create a fantastic trade fair presentation again and (hopefully) impress customers! In particular, our last two attendances at R+T were always very successful for our company since they were at least partially responsible for our substantial increase in turnover: the most important new products from the last few years, . for example., the pergola awning Q.bus or our cubic coffered awning Novetta Plus Q, were both presented at R+T where they started their 'triumphal march'. Visitors to our stand will therefore be keen to see what Nova Hüppe can conjure up in around 12 months time!"  

"Here at Sattler we are eagerly looking forward to the most important industry meeting point in Europe. Since the collection change and R+T will take place in the same year in 2018, our presentation will be devoted to the innovations in our design forge. We are also planning a surprise in regard to technical development. The next R+T will therefore be doubly exciting!" 

"Our development pipeline is currently so full that we will be able to make great use of R+T 2018 to present the latest innovations. Our stand position in the new hall will also enable us, in cooperation with the trade fair management, to perfectly implement our stand concept - the ideal precondition to captivate trade visitors with Weinor's innovative capacity. Everyone in our company is now waiting impatiently to make a positive impression at R+T 2018. You will therefore be surprised!"