Doors, gates, windows and shading turn walls into houses. They regulate the indoor climate and with modern control systems make possible simple, convenient and safe access to the building. The demand for automatic components continues to increase. The requirements for functional and electrical safety are also growing. Hence why at the leading world trade fair R+T the ift special show "Comfort + Safety!" shows what gates and their components have to do today and how the quality can be assured.

The special show "Comfort + Safety!" at the R+T 2018 focussed on the presentation of safety and quality features of automatic gates. A special highlight was the planning and design of the drives and control systems, as well as the design-related properties. Requirements, certificates, as well as the testing of electrical and functional safety, were explained in detail by ift Rosenheim experts using exhibits and simple test procedures. Visitors could find out first hand about current themes such as the break-in resistance of gates or the function of fire safety elements by means of the products on display, in a presentation forum and at promotional zones.

Information about the special shows of R+T 2022 will be published in spring 2021.