Review 2023

Expectations exceeded

2334 participants in the two-day exhibition at Messe Stuttgart | Over 20% of guests came from abroad

"We were very satisfied with the première of Quantum Effects," said Roland Bleinroth, President of Messe Stuttgart, and drew some extremely positive conclusions. "We reached precisely the right target group. Together with our partners we managed to network innovative ideas with those people who will use them. We were delighted with the broad support from politicians. This clearly illustrates the importance of the topic for Baden-Württemberg and its economy."

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Voices on Quantum Effects 2023

  • "Quantum technologies are among the most important key technologies of the 21st century. The transfer of the fascinating properties and effects of the quantum world into technological applications will change and improve our lives in many areas. With the QuantumBW initiative, the state of Baden-Württemberg is focussing on the transfer of findings from research into concrete products and market-ready applications. The aim is to generate added value and social added value in the state. I am delighted that Landesmesse Stuttgart is actively supporting this process with Quantum Effects and creating an international format for networking and dialogue."" 

    Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism, patron of Quantum Effects 2023

  • "Quantum technologies play an important role for the future of the state. The education and training of skilled workers is a central component of Baden-Württemberg's quantum strategy. Our new QuantumBW innovation offensive pools the expertise of leading research institutions, high-tech companies and dynamic start-ups. This will make Baden-Württemberg even more attractive for top talent from all over the world and open up excellent prospects for young people in the field of quantum technology. The Quantum Effects trade fair offers exciting insights into our research and training activities. I am particularly pleased about the Quantum Effects Academy for pupils and students: The specially tailored programme makes quantum technology tangible."

    Petra Olschowski | Minister of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

  • "Our appearance at Quantum Effects was a great success! We are delighted with the very good attendance at our stand and the high level of interest in our topics and exhibits. As a hosting partner, we are also very pleased with the overall response to the entire exhibition and the truly inspiring, high-calibre lecture programme - and of course to Quantum Effects 2024!"

    Dr. Katrin Kobe | CEO Bosch Quantum Sensing

  • "It was great to bring together the growing international quantum industry to discuss the latest developments and most pressing challenges facing the growing quantum industry. The QBN Summit has brought together world leaders, quantum experts, policy makers and end users, making an important contribution to fostering international co-operation and strengthening Europe's sovereignty in the global quantum landscape."

    Johannes Verst | CEO Quantum Business Network (QBN)

  • "Quantum Effects is exactly the trade fair that is now needed to bring quantum technologies out of the lab and into a wide range of applications: Quantum computing, quantum sensor technology and quantum communication offer completely new opportunities and can open up innovative growth areas and new markets for companies. And with the Quantum Effects Award, outstanding international developments in quantum technologies will be honoured and publicised for the first time. We are very pleased about the technological spirit of optimism and the new trade fair with its many highlights!"

    Dr Andreas Ehrhardt, Head of Photonics BW & Chairman of OptecNet Germany

  • "Baden-Württemberg has a unique selling point when it comes to quantum technology. We met the right people, were able to arrange numerous meetings with customers and suppliers and had many valuable chance encounters. Above all, however, the trade fair confirms that we are on the right track. The timing and size of the trade fair were just right. We'll be back again next time!"

    Mark Mattingley Scott | General Manager EMEA | Quantum Brilliance

  • "Recruiting in particular worked very well at Quantum Effects. There were many interested students and people who were open to the topic. There is also a lot to be said in favour of this trade fair from a marketing point of view, as it shows the maturity of the technology and gives it a face. It's no secret that a lot of funding is flowing in Germany - so it's important to communicate the status quo. We'll be back again next time."

    Dr. rer. nat Michael Förtsch, Founder and CEO Q.ANT

  • "An 'ecosystem' of quantum technology can only emerge if it is built up jointly by industry and research. It is therefore extremely important that such an event takes place - and at Quantum Effects you could see that industry is showing an interest in the technology. The topic is international, as is the audience at this trade fair. We met the right clientele here, were able to position ourselves and make good contacts."

    Sandrine Richner, Site Developer Uptown Basel