The Quantum Effects Academy

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Quantum Effects provided comprehensive information about quantum technologies and their use . Therefore, there was a programme specifically tailored to the needs of high school students, students as future users and teachers.

Students | Secondary schools

expedition d | on-site experience & learn-trailer

Orientation for students in the working world of tomorrow


How can a car drive autonomously? What can digitalisation do for climate protection? How will we learn in 2030? What professions will there be then and what digital skills will I need for them?

The educational initiative expedition d - Digital Technologies | Applications | Professions provides answers and orientation for the digitalised world of work.

A llearning experience truck, packed with digital technologies, will be stopping off at Messe Stuttgart as part of Quantum Effects.

In the mobile, young people will experience the role that the STEM subjects mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology play in digitalisation, how this is changing the world of work and how they can contribute to it themselves.

Please note: available in GERMAN only!

Self-construction of a Michelson interferometer

Experiments for students


How to eavesdrop on space with modern quantum physics – The hunt for gravitational waves with the Michelson interferometer

Self-construction of a Michelson interferometer from scratch, all components are self-assembled and adjusted; short introduction + bridge to quantum physics (including gravitational wave astronomy) as a short lecture within the 60-90min timeslot 

  • Class10 to 13
  • duration: 60-90 Minuten 
  • 4 to 6 Workshops for a class
  • max. 30 students at each workshop

Quantum Physics for pupil and students

lectures from Stuttgart University | 10. October 2023


13:00 Uhr | Prof. Dr. Christian Ast

  • 30 Minutes Lecture + 15 Minutes Discussion
  • Raum C 5.2

Students | Colleges & Universities

Science meets Creativity

Science Slam

Present your research and your creative ideas to the professional audience! The attention of representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of Baden-Wuerttemberg, companies dealing with quantum phenomena and visitors to the fair is guaranteed. A creative and entertaining knowledge transfer for professionals and young scientists: Inspire students at schools and universities with your scientific work. Use this opportunity to draw attention to yourself.

  • Scientists and students
  • Duration: 10-15 min presentation on stage
  • Number of participants: Unlimited

Quantum as a Profession


Are you a student at school or university and want to combine your professional future with quantum technologies? Then visit our workshops "Quantum as a Profession" and let us design quantum technologies together.

  • Target group: University students and students in vocational orientation
  • Duration: 45 min workshop, 3 workshops per day
  • Number of participants: Max. 15 persons per workshop


Teacher training

2nd day afternoon programme

From the basics to experiments with individual quantum objects

As part of this teacher training, Stuttgart University offers a refresher course in the field of quantum physics. Beginning with a repetition of the basics we then move on to topics in modern quantum physics and show where quantum technologies are the pioneers for our future.

The teacher training is organised by Germany-wide groups for physics didactics, which are leading in the didactics of quantum physics (