The trade fair

Date: 8 - 9 Oct 2024
Place: Messe Stuttgart
Organiser: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH
Regular cycle: every year

Quantum Effects – Vision and Mission

Quantum Effects is a trade fair and conference for application-oriented quantum technologies with international impact. It will secure the vanguard role of Europe in this field.

Quantum Effects will help to design and develop a comprehensive European ecosystem for quantum technologies in close cooperation with industry, science, politics and the relevant networks and investors. It will provide a platform for innovation, inspiration and collaboration and create enthusiasm for quantum technologies.

From the steam engine to the quantum computer

The fifth revolution begins now

In the history of mankind, various paradigm changes have taken place, which have always been revolutionary in their effects. Whether it was the invention of the steam engine, the use of electricity or digitisation: Changes are technology driven.

This is also true for quantum technology. Its implementation is rightly referred to as the fifth revolution. It works according to special laws and can handle an extremely large amount of information in parallel.

Possible applications include simulations of a route planner that does not check options one after the other, but all in one step at the same time. Logistics, for example, benefit from this through optimal routes at all times. In the development of an automobile, the optimal design could be calculated immediately thanks to quantum technology, instead of through elaborate wind tunnel experiments. For research, quanta are fascinating in medical or pharmaceutical research and in many other fields due to their special properties.  

At Quantum Effects exhibitors will be presenting technologies, developments and solutions that could already be used today or in the near future. 

The timeline looks back on revolutionary developments: 




Industry 4.0

Quantum Technology

1750 - 1850 | Steam engine, fully mechanized loom, hot air balloon, railway

1870 - 1920 | Telephone, automobile, assembly line, electricity

1960 - 2010 | Moon landing, computer, mobile phone, Internet, smart phone, tablet

since 2011 | Networking of machines, devices, sensors and people, Internet of Things, machine learning, robotics

Find out more about the various application possibilities at Quantum Effects! 

The four pillars of Quantum Effects

Computing & Enabling Technologies

  • Quantum Computer
  • Hardware for QT
  • Vacuum
  • Cooling
  • Connecting
  • Controlling


  • Algorithms
  • Firmware
  • Development Toolkits


  • Quantum Imaging
  • Measurement


  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum security
  • Post-quantum encryption

Sector focus

Quantum technology is used in numerous industries:

AutomotiveMechanical and plant engineering
Pharmaceuticals / Chemistry / BiotechnologyMedical Technology
Telecommunications & IT 


Logistics and TransportFinance and Insurance
AerospaceClimate Engineering

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8 - 9 Oct 2024

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