Delivery & Stand set-up/dismantling

Digitalisation of entry and exit management

At Messe Stuttgart, a new, digital entry and exit management system is being used in isolated cases. The previous entry regulations with a deposit no longer apply. Entry to the trade fair grounds for stand construction and dismantling purposes is only possible with an entry permit that was booked in advance.

You can find the link to the booking page at:

In order to be able to use the booking system, please perform one-off initial registration there. You can then log on afterwards. Under „Forthcoming events“ you can now activate your account with the event code. The project management will send you the registration code by e-mail. Under „Registered events“ you can then book the required time window in the loading zone.

Do you have any questions? Then please contact VisiFair at

Tel.: +49 711 939 64382
E-Mail: support(at)

Important notes on set-up and dismantling

  • For safety reasons, the presence of all persons who are not directly involved in compulsorily insurable work, especially minors, shall be prohibited during stand set-up and dismantling work in the halls and in the outdoor exhibition area.
  • Smoking inside the exhibition halls is prohibited at all times.
  • Entry to the trade fair grounds is via Gate 2 of the truck pool. Follow the “Anlieferung“ (Delivery) signs at the entrance to the trade fair grounds.
  • On the last day of the trade fair, entry to the trade fair grounds is not possible from 12.00 up to hall acceptance after the end of hy-fcell.

Information on the digital entry and exit management

A tailor-made solution to ensure smooth-running trade fair logistics

Trade fair companies have always been faced with major logistical challenges. Traffic flows during the assembly and dismantling phases of all kinds of events, both small and large, need to be coordinated on a just-in-time basis. This is a problem with many unknowns, especially at a transportation hub like the Stuttgart Airport & Trade Fair Campus. A traffic jam on the main access road, delays during unloading or occupied parking spaces can become a test of endurance for everyone involved. Now the new digital entry and exit management being introduced to facilitate efficient access to the Messe Stuttgart Exhibition Grounds.

Planning security thanks to on-time and stress-free access

Every minute counts when setting up a trade fair stand. So to ensure that you, as exhibitor and business partner, have all the materials, exhibits etc. ready and available exactly when they are needed, Messe Stuttgart is offering you this new digital service. In this way, we optimise traffic procedures and ensure efficient delivery and collection. With the digital system, you can easily book time slots in advance to suit your schedule. Your advance booking grants you direct entry permission to the grounds. Drivers are informed in good time so that they can arrive punctually at the pre-booked loading zone. 

Your advantages

The system untangles peak-time traffic during assembly and disassembly periods, thus helping to avoid traffic jams on main access routes as well as reducing possible additional costs caused by delays. It makes advance planning more reliable for you as an exhibitor and business partner and enables you to plan and utilise your time on the exhibition grounds more efficiently. Messe Stuttgart is providing a digital logistics solution which optimises overall traffic planning activities and provides optimum traffic control. You as exhibitor and business partner reap the benefits.