17.03.2020 - 15:03

No Messe Stuttgart events till the end of April

Messe Stuttgart thus follows an official directive – In total 22 individual events affected

On account of the increasing spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the responsible Public Order Office of Leinfelden-Echterdingen has ruled that, in accordance with the urgent recommendation of the responsible Public Health Office of the district of Esslingen, as matters stand today no events will be allowed to take place at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre before the end of April. This is stipulated in a general ruling.
For several weeks, Messe Stuttgart has been in close contact with the health and public order authorities of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Recommendations and instructions from the authorities are being adjusted to the respective situation. The recent considerable increase in the number of infected people in Germany necessitated a re-evaluation of the situation by the authorities.
Roland Bleinroth, CEO of Messe Stuttgart: "We deeply regret the situation. For all the partners, customers and service providers involved in our trade fairs, congresses and events, health care is of course the first priority. In all events, the new directive now provides a reliable basis for planning for the coming weeks."
The prohibition ruling affects both Messe Stuttgart's own events and guest events at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. The following trade fairs and congresses will thus not be able to take place as planned:
• 24 to 28 March: didacta
• 31 March: ARCHIKON
• 2 April: auto motor and sport congress
• 2 to 4 April: HAGOS Börse
• 4 to 5 April: GUT ZU FUSS
• 4 to 5 April: COSMETICA
• 16 to 19 April: Market for Good Taste – The Slow Food Trade Fair
• 16 to 19 April: GARTEN outdoor ambiente
• 16 to 19 April: FAIR HANDELN
• 16 to 19 April: KREATIV
• 16 to 19 April: i-Mobility
• 16 to 19 April: HAUS HOLZ ENERGIE
• 17 to 19 April: DanceWorld Stuttgart
• 17 to 19 April: Reitsportmesse Stuttgart
• 17 to 19 April: Babywelt
• 17 to 19 April: Yogaworld
• 17 to 19 April: Designfest
• 17 to 19 April: Blickfang
• 21 to 22 April: UNITI Mineraltechnologie-Forum
• 24 to 25 April: INVEST
• 28 to 30 April: The Battery Show Europe
• 28 to 30 April: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe
Messe Stuttgart is at present intensively trying to arrange new dates for the respective events with the partners involved.

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