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Three times a success! MOULDING EXPO is a marketplace for the industry and ideas

29.05.2019 - 02:00

Positive conclusions drawn from the third edition of the trade fair / The meeting point for trendsetters confirms its market position and trade fair concept

In its third edition MOULDING EXPO 2019 was once again the centrepiece of the German and European tool, pattern and mould making industry. Around half of the exhibitors come from the core area of this high-tech industry. The trade fair therefore offers a stable platform where exhibitors can exchange information and experiences with customers and suppliers, but also with their colleagues from the industry.
MOULDING EXPO is therefore well-established as a leading meeting point for the industry. According to Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, this is proved by two aspects: "The expertise of the visitors is well above-average, 79 per cent of them are responsible for making purchasers and decisions," said the CEO of Messe Stuttgart. "30 per cent of the visitors also come directly from the tool construction and mould making sectors. The trade fair has become a marketplace, it has definitely arrived!“ According to the CEO of Messe Stuttgart, the objective is to bring people together. This has been successfully achieved at MOULDING EXPO – also not least due to the international accompanying programme. The visitors spent an average of 1.3 days at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. In the opinion of Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, this proves that the offering is geared towards the needs of the industry.

At home in the key to markets

MOULDING EXPO is also becoming more important internationally.
12,943 trade visitors from 59 countries saw the products and services from 705 exhibitors in the middle of Europe's strongest industrial region. 17 per cent of visitors came from abroad, e.g. Turkey, Italy and Portugal – all countries relevant to the tool, pattern and mould making industry. Foreign exhibitors use the trade fair, for example, to initiate and coordinate cooperation projects. One of these companies is Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing from the Canadian cluster in Windsor, which was represented for the first time as an exhibitor at the international trade fair for tool, pattern and mould making: "United we are stronger than fighting against each other. Thats what we hope to engender when we come here. The world is big enough for all of us," said Brian Bendig, owner of the high-tech tool construction and mould making company with 150 employees.

For Kern Microtechnik, a manufacturer of CNC production centres, MOULDING EXPO represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Managing Director Simon Eickholt: "MOULDING EXPO attracts experts from tool construction, pattern and mould making companies who definitely come to our stand looking for solutions for specific projects. The leads that we generate here are first class. Also because tool construction companies place the highest possible demands on surface quality, on precise cutting of high-end materials and increasingly on automated solutions."

Marcel Bestenlehrer, Managing Director of the polishing technology specialist of the same name, confirms that MOULDING EXPO is a platform for service providers and suppliers: "In my opinion, the trade fair is ideally positioned through its clear focus on tool, pattern and mould making. The event is also a genuine meeting point for the industry. MOULDING EXPO is exactly the right size and the distances are short: tool construction companies, their customers and service providers meet here for quick, spontaneous exchanges, even after the end of the trade fair," said Bestenlehrer.

Different players get together

This year's event again focused on the promotion of young people and advanced training. Steffen Ritter, a Professor at Reutlingen University, and a team of students produced the MEX give-away for the second time. It was injection moulded live during the trade fair: "The MEX BOX lunch box was sensational! People were queuing up. We received excellent feedback: firstly about the product itself and secondly - this is far more important – about the way in which we developed it." Brainstorming, component construction, the criteria catalogue, mould concept and design: the students were personally responsible for all this. "The culmination is that the students learn how to 'sell' their product at MOULDING EXPO," said Ritter.
According to the Professor, this is a prime example of how different players are brought together at the trade fair.


MOULDING EXPO 2021 will be held from 8 to 11 June 2021. The Automotive Shows of UKi Media & Events will again be staged concurrently with MOULDING EXPO 2021. These events have a high affinity with tool, pattern and mould making.

Photo captions:

Ulrich Kromer von Baerle, CEO of Messe Stuttgart, was impressed by the outcome of the third edition of MOULDING EXPO: "The expertise of visitors is still high and the event has become a marketplace."

Brian Bendig, Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd., calls for cooperation by the industry across borders: "We are stronger and more efficient when we all pull together."

Simon Eickholt, Managing Director of Kern Mikrotechnik, meets experts from the tool, pattern and mould making industry at MOULDING EXPO: "The leads which we generate here are first class."

According to Marcel Bestenlehrer, Managing Director of the polishing technology specialist Bestenlehrer, the size of the trade fair is just right. He appreciates the short distances and the spontaneous exchanges with experts from the industry, its suppliers and service providers.

Steffen Ritter from Reutlingen University and his team of students designed the MEX BOX lunch box and produced it live during the trade fair. "This specific promotion of young people represents optimum networking of theory and practice."

The future topics in the industry were discussed during a large number of well-attended forums and special shows.

The events held concurrently with MOULDING EXPO provided valuable synergies.

In the innovation-driven industry tool, pattern and mould making companies are always looking to the future. Exhibitors and trade visitors are looking forward to the next MOULDING EXPO which will take place from 8 to 11 June 2021.

MOULDING EXPO 2019 again united the industry and its suppliers.

Around 50 per cent of exhibitors came from the core sector of tool construction companies, a unique feature of MOULDING EXPO.

Copyright (all photos): Messe Stuttgart

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Fotos der Moulding Expo

  • Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Die Vorbereitungen für die Moulding Expo 2021 nehmen Fahrt auf – Erste Key Player haben bereits angemeldet.BILDNACHWEIS MESSE STUTTGART
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  • Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Ausstellende Zuliefererunternehmen erhalten die effiziente Gelegenheit, sich mitten in der Branche zu positionieren und ihre Produkte an den hohen Qualitätsanforderungen zu messen.BILDNACHWEIS MESSE STUTTGART
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  • Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Als Kontakt- und Austauschplattform von und für den Werkzeug-, Modell und Formenbau mit Vertretern der besten Unternehmen der Branche schätzen Aussteller vor allem, die Möglichkeit hocheffizient so viele relevante Fachbesucher wie nirgendwo anders zu treffen.BILDNACHWEIS MESSE STUTTGART
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  • Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Udo Hipp von der Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG lobt das breite Angebotsspektrum der Messe: „Auf der Moulding Expo sind alle vor Ort, ob das ein Maschinenbediener ist, ein Geschäftsführer, ein Fertigungsleiter oder ein Produktionsleiter.“Hermle AG
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  • Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Florian Niethammer, Teamleiter bei der Messe Stuttgart betont die Relevanz einer Durchführung der Fachmesse in 2021: „Gerade unter den aktuellen Herausforderungen kann die Moulding Expo nächstes Jahr Schwung in die Branche bringen, indem sie alle Akteure wieder Vorort zusammenbringt“.BILDNACHWEIS MESSE STUTTGART
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  • Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Moulding Expo 2021: PM Nr. 1

    Ausstellerin Eva Söhnlein von der HG Hans Geiger Spritzgießtechnik GmbH schätzt es, dass sie auf der Moulding Expo auf Fachleute aus den verschiedensten Bereichen der Branche trift: „Die Kontakte, die wir auf der Moulding Expo knüpfen konnten, haben uns sehr gut weitergeholfen“.Geiger Gruppe
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