UNICAD Konstruktions GmbH

UNICAD Konstruktions GmbH has been developing plastic parts and designing tools and molds since 1993. We are currently working with a team of ten engineers in our branch located in Walsrode (Germany)

Our services:

  • Molddesign for wide ranges from prototyping tools, multi cavity series tools, tools with 2K, GIT and WIT technology to 4+4 cavity stack moulds.
  • Design und Product development for plastic, rubber and composite material parts.
  • Engineering
  • Catia V5 and Cimatron
  • Injection moulding Simulation
  • Warpage and reserveengineering 
  • Demoulding and feasibility analyse

Want to learn more and meet the experts in person?

ยป Visit UNICAD Konstruktions GmbH from 13. - 16.06.2023 at Moulding Expo!