21. - 23.06.2022 Internationale Fachmesse für Laser-Materialbearbeitung
18.05.2020 - 11:51

RAYLASE presents three new series for challenging industrial applications

RAYLASE is still leading by example and launching four new units simultaneously. “RAYLASE is striving to keep productivity high. Our sites remain active and we are able to avoid any bottlenecks in production or logistics,” says Berthold Dambacher, CTO of RAYLASE.

New MINISCAN III series uses new digital standards for deflection units for laser marking

Unlike conventional deflection units for laser marking, these affordable digital solutions are now available with three different mirror apertures (10 mm, 14 mm and 20 mm) for a significantly expanded field of applications.

Their defining features are their high degree of usability and wide range of practical applications. They have an extremely compact design, making them very easy to integrate into the machine. In addition, they are available with an electrical interface on the beam entry side or on top of the unit as required. The units can be operated without water cooling, with a power supply on a single electrical interface and a choice of XY2-100 or SL2-100 data format. For the first time in this deflection unit category, RAYLASE has integrated fused silica mirrors for even higher performance in laser cleaning (10 mm aperture) and additive manufacturing (14 mm and 20 mm apertures).

In terms of stability, the new MINISAN III series also has digital control for stable operation with very low drift values and a high degree of position accuracy. As with all units developed by RAYLASE, the focus is also on reliability. With the new MINISCAN III series, RAYLASE has expanded its portfolio of all-round solutions.

The AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 series enables multi-faceted optimization of processes in e-mobility and additive manufacturing.

RAYLASE is launching the AXIALSCAN FIBER-30, which represents a systematic enhancement for fibre-couple laser applications. New industrial markets require new processes. 

These include “High Power” welding in the e-mobility market and “High Dynamic” versions for the powder-bed process (SLM) in additive manufacturing. RAYLASE units are easily integrated and offer various mechanical interfaces for ideal integration and configurability. Suitable mirrors are available both for high-performance welding applications with laser power in the multi-kilowatt range and for highly dynamic applications. Optical configurations are available for all standard beam parameters of lasers and their fibres. Large, pre-adjustable processing field sizes from 250 x 250 mm2 to 850 x 850 mm2 give you a large degree of flexibility with which to perfect your applications. RAYLASE also offers type-specific tuning specifications for the AXIALSCAN FIBER-30 series. As well as having an integrated fibre collimator and process light output, an additional protective window ensures complete protection against dust. The RAYLASE team will be happy to help you find your ideal configuration.

A new addition to a successful series – SUPERSCAN IV-10 for extremely dynamic responses and high speeds for maximum productivity

Digital driver electronics enable dynamic responses, speed and versatility. In addition, power loss is greatly reduced, and heat development is minimized. Natural applications for the SUPERSCAN IV-10 include challenging applications in code marking, cutting of FPC structures and drilling of copper foils. Despite high final speeds, it remains consistently precise in all structuring, cutting and drilling tasks. With the configurability of the SUPERSCAN IV-10 range, RAYLASE has once again succeeded in covering a broad spectrum of applications. Lenses, protection windows and mirror coatings are available for all standard laser types, wavelengths, focal lengths and processing areas. 


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