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25.06.2019 - 12:10

nLIGHT Launches 8kW Corona Fiber Laser

nLIGHT, a global leader in high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers, today announced the introduction of the Corona™ CFX-8000, the latest high-power fiber laser in the Corona product family.

Corona fiber lasers incorporate programmable beam characteristics to bring together the speed and cost advantages of traditional fiber lasers with the superior thick metal cutting of CO2 lasers.

“The 6kW and 8kW power nodes are the most popular in the industry for the cost and efficiency they provide. With the introduction of Corona fiber lasers at these powers, we enable customers with even greater productivity, and the capability to take on more challenging jobs,” said Jake Bell, nLIGHT general manager for industrial lasers. “Customer adoption of Corona fiber lasers at the 3kW to 5kW power nodes has exceeded our expectations and we have received initial orders for the new 6kW and 8kW solutions.”

nLIGHT Corona lasers allow end users to tune the size and shape of the output beam, all within the fiber. Users can choose from small diameter top-hat beams to large diameter donut-shaped beams, optimizing the beam to the needs of the specific application. Real-time beam tuning translates to the laser operating at full power without the cost, complexity, or reliability risks inherent to free-space optics or fiber combination solutions.

nLIGHT has introduced the CFX-8000 and CFX-6000 to its Corona product family, which includes the CFX-5000, CFX-4000, and CFX-3000. 


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