LASYS continues on the path of growth

15.03.2018 - 13:00

Trade press conference at the Reichle Technology Center / Experts previewed the 6th International Trade Fair for Laser Material Processing

At LASYS 2018 – the International Trade Fair for Laser Material Processing – Messe Stuttgart expects a larger number of exhibitors and visitors as well as a further strengthening of its position as an indispensable industry meeting place for manufacturers, users and decision-makers in industrial manufacturing. So said Florian Niethammer, Team Director of Industrial Solutions at Messe Stuttgart at today's trade press conference at the Reichle Technology Center in Bissingen an der Teck. Together with renowned experts, he previewed the trade fair which is taking place in Stuttgart on 5 to 7 June 2018.

"With a clear focus on laser production systems, LASYS is accompanied by laser-specific machine subsystems, laser sources, processes and services. Once again, the trade fair will demonstrate its role as the leading international trade fair for the use of lasers in industrial manufacturing," said Florian Niethammer. LASYS is the special platform for special application fields, new applications, industrial trends and innovations across all industries and materials. Smart system solutions, established and new manufacturing processes and applications all have one thing in common: their high focus on practical orientation. "That is precisely what industry decision-makers are looking for and in turn, this attracts numerous exhibitions from Germany and abroad."

Increase in international significance
Among such decision-makers is GF Machining Solutions, a supplier of texturing machines which are used at Reichle. Christian Jung, Managing Director of GF Machining Solutions GmbH, said, "At LASYS we are exhibiting the AgieCharmilles Laser P 400 and a Microlution ML5. The Laser P 400 is a 3 or 5 axis solution for producing attractive and functional surfaces. This technology can even process complex 3D geometries and precision parts in structuring, engraving, microstructuring, marking and identifying processes."

All in all, there are good prospects for an increase in the number of international exhibitors, industrial associations and institutes attending the sixth event of LASYS. Messe Stuttgart expects about 200 exhibitors with 1 in 3 companies coming from abroad. "We have observed that LASYS has also gained in significance on the international scene," says Florian Niethammer. As a result, Messe Stuttgart expects over 6,000 visitors from several countries who will be welcomed by a wide diversity of offers on a much larger exhibition area.

Diversified programme for laser users

The programme includes exciting events aimed at a variety of different target groups. While the "Lasers in Action" technical forum contains three days of practice-oriented lectures in the exhibition hall, the Stuttgart Laser Days on 5 and 6 June aim at a transfer of knowledge between international experts and users. At the Stuttgart Laser Marketplace on 6 June, leading experts from market research and industry will lecture on markets, technologies and applications in industrial laser technology. On 5 June, there will be a workshop on the topic of "Laser material processing in medical technology". On 6 June, the "Laser build-up welding" workshop will take place. In addition, on 7 June, there will be a networking meeting for "Women in Photonics" held by PhotonicsBW and the "EPIC meeting on lasers and material processing at LASYS“ conducted by the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC).

Events taking place concurrently at the exhibition centre will provide a view beyond the boundaries of the laser industry. They include CastForge – the Trade Fair for Castings and Forgings with Processing, Surface Technology Germany – the International Trade Fair for Surface Treatments and Coating, the Automotive Testing Expo, the Automotive Interiors Expo, the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo, the Engine Expo and the Global Automotive Components and Suppliers Expo.

Good prospects for companies
Other experts on the podium also shared their enthusiasm on the excellent prospects for LASYS 2018. Gerhard Hein, Director of the working group for Laser and Laser Systems in the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) and Head of Economics and Statistics at the VDW (German machine tool builders' association) and the Association of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems, reported a dynamic increase in incoming orders for 2017: Laser system production in Germany increased last year by almost five per cent in value to a volume of 918 million Euro. Incoming orders booked in 2017 by laser system manufacturers shows above-average growth of a good eight per cent to 1.29 billion Euro."

Marco Reichle, company representative and divisional head of Reichle Technologiezentrum GmbH added, "LASYS is one of the important meeting place for the laser industry. At the Reichle Technology Center, we focus on a wide range of laser technologies. We have over 20 laser machines in use, from applying structures in tools - a process in which lasers achieve very high quality, in very short periods of time and with absolute reproducibility - and laser welding through to laser engraving. This is why we are delighted to host the LASYS trade press conference at our company this year and to present the variety of possibilities using a wide range of laser technologies in one company."


Impressions - Images 1-6: From 5 to 7 June 2018, LASYS will be the international meeting place for the laser material processing industry

Gerhard Hein: Facts and figures at the LASYS Press Conference 2018: Gerhard Hein, Director of the working group for Laser and Laser Systems in the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) and Head of Economics and Statistics at the VDW (German machine tool builders' association) and the Association of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems

Florian Niethammer: For LASYS 2018, Florian Niethammer, Team Leader for Industry & Technology at Messe Stuttgart, expects more exhibitors, more visitors and the further consolidation of the trade fair’s position as an indispensable meeting place for the sector

About LASYS:
LASYS is the only international trade fair to consistently focus on system solutions in laser material processing. Since the start of the trade fair in 2008, it has successfully established itself as a user platform for the latest laser systems, machines and processes. LASYS covers all industries and materials, and is primarily aimed at decision-makers from international industry. With the event series "LASYS meets ...", the trade fair offers laser system suppliers the opportunity to open up new international markets together with LASYS.

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