21. - 23.06.2022 Internationale Fachmesse für Laser-Materialbearbeitung
20.03.2018 - 16:00

Lasermet’s laser safety engineering arrives at LASYS

The “Laser Castle” integrates “Laser Jailer” Active Laser Guarding Technology for multi-kW fibre and CO2 lasers as well as Fume Extraction - ideal for industrial manufacturing applications.

Lasermet demonstrates the Laser Castle – the modular laser safety cabin with its choice of auto or manual doors, and full dual-channel interlock control which integrates Active Laser Guarding, “Laser Jailer”, and Active Filter Window technology, “Glaser Jailer”, to provide virtually immediate switch-off of any multi-kW laser beam that strikes the interior of the laser safety cabin. Turntables are catered for and Lasermet’s fume extraction systems can be integrated.

Lasermet also produces and certifies a great range of industrial laser safety equipment and systems conforming to EN 60825. Services include FDA reports, Training, Laser Testing, Audits and Risk Assessments.

Lasermet covers all laser safety aspects including LED Warning Signs, labels, optical table guards, laser blocking curtains, screens and roller blinds, modular enclosures, laser safety calculation software, filter windows, laser shutters (to PL’e’) and dual-channel Interlock Controllers (to ISO13849-1 PL‘e’). Lasermet is the One Stop Shop for all laser safety needs.


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