12.01.2022 - 14:23

Laser Zentrum Hannover: Focusing on smart photonics

Smart photonics is trend-setting, digital, intelligent. The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) is from now on bundling the topics of the future in the areas of photonics and laser technology in eight “innovation fields”.

New approaches to environmental protection, the careful use of resources, new ideas for medicine and health aids, as well as new approaches to production for mobility and lightweight designs – photonics and laser technology demonstrate enormous potential for solving central challenges of the near future.

Innovations fields: important contributions to future challenges

“The LZH has been creating innovations with light for more than 30 years. As a research institute, it is our main purpose to conduct research and work in a forward-looking manner,” explains Dr. Dietmar Kracht, executive board member of the LZH, the new approach. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kaierle, executive board member of the LZH as well, adds: “Our new innovation fields demonstrate from our point of view the most important topics in the area of photonics and laser technology to which we will contribute in the upcoming years.”

These eight innovation fields stand for the main research areas of the non-university, independent research institute:

  • Smart optics
  • Smart lasers
  • Smart quantum technologies
  • Smart space technologies
  • Smart life sciences
  • Smart agricultural technology
  • Smart production
  • Smart additive

Within these eight fields the scientists of the LZH work among others on automated, precise and intelligent processes for a digital production. They develop lasers for use in space, approaches for laser-based pest control, make individual implants or health aids possible or work on saving energy and materials. There is always an eye on new applications and the direct transfer into practice.

Services for industry and research

The LZH conducts research and development together with partners from industry, small and medium sized enterprises as well as other scientists. The offered services range from joint collaborative projects and contract research up to smaller studies and orders. The institute has also adapted its range of services for the new website.


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