09.11.2021 - 12:48

LASER COMPONENTS aims to actively shape the Future of UV Semiconductor Technology

LASER COMPONENTS aims to actively shape the future of UV semiconductor technology. In order to increasingly pursue this goal, the company has joined the Advanced UV for Life e.V. as a founding member.

The association for the promotion of UV semiconductor technology has set itself the goal of bundling the competencies of industry and science. Together, the members wish to advance the technical development of UV sources and sensors. They have a special focus on LEDs, photodiodes, and laser diodes. Close collaboration between the different areas of the value chain should ensure that innovative ideas are quickly implemented.

LASER COMPONENTS has established itself worldwide as a provider of innovative UVC technology in recent years. In 2017 and 2019, the company also made a name for itself among manufacturers and research institutions with its UV WORKshops.

“Especially with UVC LEDs, technical development is just beginning,” says Dr. Olga Stroh-Vasenev, UV expert and product engineer for active components at LASER COMPONENTS. “Here we will see many new solutions and applications in the coming years. We want to actively support this development.”


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