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22.03.2018 - 12:15

Jenoptik closes 2017 fiscal year with record figures

Jenoptik closed the 2017 fiscal year with new record figures, particularly in revenue and earnings.

Group revenue rose by 9.2 percent to 747.9 million euros (prior year 684.8 million euros), with growth seen in the Optics & Life Science and Mobility segments. Overall very good business performance was facilitated by greater demand for optical systems in the semiconductor equipment industry and for traffic safety technology. The Group also successfully completed its acquisitions of the British company ESSA Technology, in January 2017, and the US firm Five Lakes Automation, in August 2017. Both companies have already been integrated in the Mobility segment.

“After the good performance seen in the first nine months of 2017, our business gained further momentum toward the end of the year. With revenue of 192.2 million euros and EBIT of 21.3 million euros, the fourth quarter was the strongest both in the past fiscal year and in comparison with prior years. We are looking into the future with a lot of optimism. Going forward, we will focus even more on our core areas of expertise in the fields of optics and photonics,” says Stefan Traeger, President & CEO of the Executive Board of JENOPTIK AG.

On a regional level, growth came from the strategic target regions of the Americas and Asia/Pacific. These two regions combined saw very positive development, with revenue rising to 38.1 percent of group revenue (prior year 34.4 percent). At 525.3 million euros, Jenoptik generated 70.2 percent of revenue abroad (prior year 458.2 million euros / 66.9 percent).

Further information: www.jenoptik.com

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