18.11.2021 - 10:28

Hybrid, additive manufacturing of punching dies

The first milestone was reached as part of the feasibility study for the additive manufacture of punching dies in cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

The LMD (Laser Material Deposition) and powder-bed-based laser beam melting were used in the manufacture of these punches. The filigree structures were created using 3D printing and the shaft using powder deposition welding, which offers a higher and faster application rate. With this hybrid process, for example, materials can be combined: The cutting edges with a high-quality, hard powder and the shaft with cheaper metals.

Using this technology, new designs, design changes or the repair of worn stamps can be implemented quickly.For this application the ALPHA LASER machines AL3D-METAL and the ALFlak 1200 F were used.


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