11.03.2021 - 10:10

Class 8 clean room successfully recertified

More than three years ago, a clean room was set up at RJ Lasertechnik with the aim of being able to process demanding welding work for medical and semiconductor technology. The clean room with a usable area of 85 sqm was designed for class 8 in accordance with ISO 14644-1 and must be inspected and approved annually for this purpose. The recertification for operation in 2021 has now been granted.

RJ Lasertechnik currently has four laser systems in 2D and 3D operation, on which sensitive components with high demands regarding cleanliness and particle purity can be processed. The installation of a further laser welding system is being planned.

DIN EN ISO 14644-1 defines the degree of cleanliness on the basis of limit values for the maximum permissible particle concentration per m³ of air and divides clean rooms into classes 1 to 9. Class 1 clean rooms are the purest and allow the lowest particle concentration, while class 9 provides for the lowest purity. Clean room class 8 is one class better than the classification applicable for manufacturing processes.

Due to the effectiveness of the installed air treatment system at RJ Lasertechnik, it would be possible to upgrade the clean room to class 6. Since such a step is associated with additional effort, it will be carried out when order-related demands exist.

The installation of a clean room as a particle-controlled production environment has so far proven its worth and is increasingly in demand from customers with high quality requirements as an exceptional production environment for laser welding.


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