Laser material processing in all its facets

LASYS presents the entire range of applications in lasers in material processing, as well as special and new application areas. LASYS pays special attention to machines, processes and services. It is therefore the ideal platform to obtain in-depth information on new production processes and systems.

Laser systems 

  • laser production systems
  • Laser sources
  • Beam transfer
  • Workpiece / Tool handling
  • Measuring / Testing systems
  • Safety installations


  • product / production services
  • training and further education
  • other services

Procedures + Materials

Manufacturing Methods

  • joining
  • separating
  • changing material properties
  • cladding
  • prototyping / rapid prototyping
  • forming
  • marking and labelling
  • hybrid processes


  • metallic materials
  • non-metallic materials