Laser technology is firmly anchored in many industrial applications. Examples range from laser welding in battery production and laser cutting of sheet metal in mechanical engineering to the marking of components in assembly and laser drilling of needles in medical technology.

In addition to these well-known applications, there are plenty of new possible uses for which laser technology paved the way. Made by Laser presents the most stunning examples.


Scientists are researching how changes in cell cultures of cartilage and soft tissue can be detected in a cooperative research project. The principle relies on a "white light laser".


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Nowadays, glasses are no longer just a visual aid, they are a fashion accessory. Premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette knows all about this and uses laser technology in production.


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In terms of new environmental protection efforts, the reduction of CO2 emissions along with the reduction of fine dust is an important goal. New high-speed laser technologies make it possible to manufacture a new generation of brake discs.


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Chemical weed control - keyword Glyphosate - is widespread but often encounters harsh criticism for its effects on the environment. The alternative for a weed-free soil? Laser!


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The pharmaceutical industry uses chicken eggs as sterile “nutrient containers” to breed viruses for live vaccination. For a long time, the eggshells were cracked manually. Today, the delicate calcareous shell is opened by laser.


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After the IFSW Institute of Jet Tools at Stuttgart University already invented the Laser Raclette, it took on the French dessert classic Crème Brûlée that can now be produced in large quantities with laser.


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