The success stories continues: After the IFSW Institute of Jet Tools at Stuttgart University already invented the Laser-Raclette on 30 Nov 2018, it took on the French dessert classic Crème Brûlée that can now be produced in large quantities with laser since 19 June 2019. In the context of a convivial gathering, the IFSW applied a procedure to caramelise several helpings of Crème Brûlée at once using a CO2 laser.

In order to achieve a smooth caramelised sugar coat the laser beam was moved in circles across the crème with a feed rate of 5 m/min and an output of 650 W. This uniform heating lead to an even, very tasty caramel layer on the Crème Brûlée. Laser can obviously be a useful tool in the kitchen. What’s coming next? Stay tuned!