The workshops 2020 are currently in preparation. From spring 2020 you will find all events here.

As a small foretaste of what you can expect, here is an overview of the workshops that took place during LASYS in 2018:

  • SPECTARIS Workshop "Laser material processing in medical technology"
    Experts from industry and research introduced their latest developments in the use of lasers for material processing in medical technology in brief 10-minute presentations.
  • HIPERDIAS "High Power and High Productivity"

    The European research project HIPERDIAS (HIgh throughPut LasER processing of DIAmond and Silicon) is developing a laser process for high-precision machining of silicon and diamonds as well as metalworking, especially for watches and medical devices. Project goals are to increase the productivity of large-area 3D structuring of silicon, to increase the speed of fineblanking of metals and to increase the process speed in diamond processing.
    The current projects were presented at LASYS.

  • LASHARE Workshop “Usage of data from lasers and manufacturing systems"
    LASHARE invited machine manufacturers, producing companies and technology provides to a workshop at LASYS Exhibition in Stuttgart.The organisers addressed two core questions,“Usage of data from lasers and manufacturing processes” and “Standardisation for the next generation of laser-based manufacturing systems”. A short track on actual research results across Europe displayed recent achievements and motivated the topics. The workshop run in two blocks to collect information and to provide feedback to the participants.

  • Technology seminar  "Laser-based deposition welding – Status quo and outlook"
    The technology seminar intended to give an insight into current research and highlight the efforts of industry to integrate additive manufacturing by means of laser deposition welding in production processes. Five leading experts from business and science showed the potential of laser deposition welding and were available for discussion on this highly topical and interesting subject.