Technical Forum "Lasers in Action"

3-day technical forum with a strong practical element in the trade fair hall

The "Lasers in Action" forum offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the latest laser technologies and applications in 30-minute presentations. "Call for Papers" starts in December 2019.

The agenda 2018 included topics such as: new laser cutting solutions, laser micromachining systems for the industrial production of electronic components and the latest advances in high-performance lasers.
A panel discussion on June 6, 2018 dealt with the transition to laser technology - market opportunities and new skills.


Tuesday 5 June

Wednesday 6 June

Thursday 7 June

10.00-10.30Laser Surface Heat treatment with dynamic optics,

Juan Isaza, Business Development Manager, Talens Systems S.L.
Active laser protection system - a new approach ready for production,

Dr. Heiko Brüning, Head of Laser Safety, JUTEC Hitzeschutz und Isoliertechnik GmbH
Latest approaches in spatter reduced laser beam welding for macro applications & High Power Application

Peter Kallage, Manager Applications Lab, Coherent I Rofin
10.30-11.00Advanced 3D laser processing/ marking of free-form, surfaces with Coherent Visual Laser Marker Software

Daniel Seitz, Manager Application Development, Coherent I Rofin,
Highly Flexible Picosecond Hybrid Fiber Laser for Micromachining

Scott White, Director of Product Marketing, MKS Spectra-Physics
Joining of metal to polymer without adhesives

Annett Klotzbach, Group Leader, Bonding and Composite Technology, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
11.00-11.30From the one stop solution to the one button solution - enabling cladding processes for I4.0 

Dr. Denise Beitelschmidt, Business Unit Manager Thermal Surface Technologies, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
Challenges in optical system design and for manufacturing processes to enable cutting edge for high power laser applications

Dr Volker Melzer, Director Product Management Laser Technology; Matthias Koppitz, Project Manager Precision Optics/LMP; Udo Kirchner, Business Development Manager, Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co. KG
High pulse energy and high average power femtosecond lasers for industrial micromachining

Dr Victor Matylitsky, Product Manager, MKS Spectra-Physics
11.30-12.00Fast and Precise Laser Contact Opening of PERC Solar Cells Using Smart Digital Galvanometer Scanning

John Hsu, Applications Engineer, Cambridge Technology
The new laser cutting solution

Jonas Huther, Laser Application Center, Coherent I Rofin
Real time M² and focus position measurement from mW to kW with BWA-MON

Michael Scaggs, optical engineer, and René Sattler, sales account manager, Laser Components GmbH (Germany) presenting HAAS Lti (USA)
12.00-12.30Optical design of beam delivery systems for cw and pulsed lasers

Roberto Knoth, Optical Engineer, LightTrans International
Potentials of precision laser processing of fiber reinforced polymer components

Volker Franke, Team leader Micro Material Processing, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
CLAMIR: Closed-loop laser power control system for LMD/cladding processes

Rodrigo Linares, Business Development Mgr, NEW INFRARED TECHNOLOGIES, S.L (NIT)
12.30-13.00Laser micromachining systems for the industrial production of electronic components

Hendrik Steinmetz, Sales Manager Europe, 3D-Micromac AG
Compact 3D laser processing with liquid tunable lens technology

Dr Hsiang-Yu Lo, Application Engineer, Optotune Switzerland AG
High resolution performance laser-based Additive Manufacturing

Derek McKenzie, HIPERLAM project, MODUS Research & Innovation Limited
13.00-13.30Beam deflection technologies for ultra short pulse lasers

Dr. Holger Schlueter, Business Development, SCANLAB GmbH
Making the switch to laser technology: market opportunities and new skills

Warren Clark, Publisher, Laser Systems Europe

Basil Garabet, CEO, NKT Photonics
David Lawton, Sales Manager, Lasermet
Jean-Paul Nicolet, Laser Business Development and Market Support, GF
Dr Ulf Quentin, Head of Industry Management Microtechnologies, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Further panellists to be announced
OCT as a versatile tool for scanner-based laser processing

Thibault Bautze, Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH
13.30-14.00The potential of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for industrial laser material processing - a practical view on the variety of applications

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schwab, Head of Sales and Marketing,
Latest advancements in high power lasers

Dr. Evangelos Papastathopoulos, Product Manager
TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
14.00-14.30Latest developments in system technology for laser beam hardening and laser beam generating

Dr. Roland Dierken, Director Marketing & Sales, 
Latest High Power Diode Laser Technology and its applications

Michael Nagel, Technical Sales, Laserline GmbH

New trends for laser marking 

Christian Rest, Product Management Marking Lasers, 
Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

 Current Trends in Car Body Laser Applications, Konstantin Ribalko, Sales Automotive, Laserline GmbHHow forward-looking control solutions can help laser machine integrators to increase machine performance,
Dr. Michael Breit, Head of Product Management, SCANLAB GmbH

Women in Photonics: The network for female professionals and executives of the photonics industry

Sina Schuh, Project Manager, Photonics BW e.V.

15.00-15.30Advances in nsec UV Laser Applications

Scott White, Director of Product Marketing, MKS Spectra-Physics

Tailored laser beam shaping by freeform and diffractive optics

Roberto Knoth, Optical Engineer, LightTrans International


Novel Green Lasers Revolutionize Cutting of Polycrystalline Diamonds

Christian Hahn, VP Engineering, InnoLas Photonics GmbH

Automated beam delivery systems for precise micromachining applications

Laurynas Mikulskis, R&D Manager, UAB Optogama
16.00-16.30Fixtureless laser marking: The latest innovation in image processing applied to lasers

Faycal Benayad-Cherif, Business Manager Vision & Software, FOBA
The latest TRUMPF innovations focused on optics and optical

Dr. Andrey Andreev and Stefanie Feuchtenbeiner, Product Management,
TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH


Laser Systems Europe (LSE) / Europa Science in cooperation with the Laser Institute of America (LIA) and Messe Stuttgart.