The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) is organising two top-class events during LASYS in Stuttgart.

EPIC Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers

The “EPIC Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers” on 4 – 5 June will focus on a discussion between suppliers and users the latest advances in laser-enabled high precision industrial manufacturing processes. The technology capabilities of lasers manufacturers and their full value chain will be showcased and leveraged against the market driven demands. Different types of lasers will be presented by leading manufacturers: CO2 and CO, solid state, excimer lasers, diode and fiber lasers, short pulse, ion lasers, structured light lasers, tunable lasers,… as well as the components needed for the laser system assembly (ultrafast amplifiers, oscillators , beam shutters, …) and techniques such as beam guiding or focusing. The broad range of applications will cover heavy manufacturing (profile cutting in sheet and plate metals, welding, drilling,…), light micromachining (profile cutting in plastics and wood, CVD diamond cutting, ceramic and glass micromachining, engraving, marking…), manufacturing of electronics (high quality wire stripping, IC repair, …), and more.

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EPIC TechWalk on laser materials processing systems

On 7th June, the "EPIC TechWalk on laser materials processing systems" will compile a set of industry presentations directly  at their booths. It´s covering the full value chain. The strong European presence in laser materials processing is reflected in a broad value chain with many participating companies, from fundamental materials development through all aspects of laser-beam generation, to processing protocols and workpiece handling. The TechWalk is accompanied by an expert from EPIC. This new form of presentation directly at the exhibition stand involves the participants, enables them to gain unique insights and promotes an interesting exchange among themselves.

You can attend the EPIC TechWalk free of charge.
Meetingpoint: Thursday, 7. June 2018, 10 am in front of Hall 4

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