21 - 23 Jun 2022 International trade fair for laser material processing
28.07.2020 - 09:49

Splicers for Large Diameter Fibers up to 500 µm

Furukawa is expanding its FITEL S185 splicer series with two new models, the S185LDF and S185PMLDF. Both are specifically designed for thick fibers with outer diameters up to 500 µm. Like all S185 devices, they are exclusively distributed by LASER COMPONENTS in Germany.

S185PMLDF is the preferred choice for polarization-maintaining and other non-rotationally symmetric fibers, such as D-shape or octagonal designs. Both sides of the device are equipped with rotation elements that can rotate the fibers through 360° to achieve perfect alignment of their outer shapes and inner structures.

At the moment, these low-cost splicers are considered unbeaten for laboratory use. But they also show their strengths in the field, for example in on-site service of fiber lasers: Featuring the classic robust FITEL design, they withstand all external influences. Their battery provides power for up to 60 splices.


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