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Rofin-Sinar UK exhibits at LASYS 2018

Rofin-Sinar UK showcases their new, extended range of lasers at LASYS 2018.

Rofin-Sinar UK showcases their OEM iX and SR series as well as the Infinity series from their new partners Iradion Laser, Inc., on Stand 4B83 at LASYS 2018 in Stuttgart between 5 – 7 June 2018. Visitors can learn about the capabilities of all products, and see demonstrations of the Multiscan VS, which continues to be the world’s fastest CO2 laser marking system.

OEM 45 iX – Synonymous with power and stability

The OEM 45 iX sealed CO2 laser comes in three wavelengths; 10.6µm, 10.25µm and 9.3µm respectively. This laser has become a best seller and market leader for Rofin-Sinar UK due to its versatility and the ease in which it can be integrated into existing production lines, whether these are system concepts with scanners or other beam guidance components. The IP66-rated robust system has a comprehensive electronics interface and diagnostics and is capable of working in the harshest industrial environments, making it an ideal candidate for robotic applications across a number of industries.

Capable of a range of applications, from cutting, drilling and perforating to marking, engraving, scribing and welding, this laser is ideally suited for a wide array of materials be they textiles, plastic, polymer, acrylic, rubber, FR4, glass, wood, ceramics or metal. 

Designed for flexible integration and installation, the OEM 45 iX laser comes with an integrated laser head, RF power supply and controller with MCU interface and the option of a DC power supply and cover.

The OEM 45 iX has a high quality, round symmetrical beam for high processing speeds and a short optical pulse with high peak power. This improves the edge quality and minimises the heat affected zone. The technology is based on the well-proven Slab principle, with no need for gas recirculation equipment such as vacuum pumps or pressure control systems. As gas exchange is unnecessary before 20,000 operational hours, the running, maintenance and service costs are minimal resulting in this laser having a long lifetime and trouble-free operation.

SR Series – When power isn’t everything

The SR Series is targeted for customers who do not require the power of the OEM iX series, but still demand high quality, reliability and versatility from their laser. The three products within this range; 10i, 15i and 25i respectively still cater for 10.6µm, 10.25µm and 9.3µm wavelengths. Although not as powerful as the OEM 45iX laser, the SR laser systems have the same versatility when it comes to applications and materials. The attention paid to every detail of the engineering process guarantees minimal operating costs. Throughput, economy, flexibility and reliability are the main features associated with this Series.

This IP66-rated hard sealed CO2 laser tube is built for longevity and trouble-free operation. The lasers of this series are hermetically sealed and therefore protected against dust and spray water. Its compact, light weight design consists of an integrated and field replaceable RF power supply, a sealed beam delivery with enhanced diagnostics, and the option of a DC power supply. As with the OEM series, it is also possible to have a power feedback control option for power stability control, bringing power feedback for all power ranges within ±2%.

Expanding the portfolio

Sharing the stand with Rofin-Sinar UK for the first time in Europe since the announcement of the partnership in November 2017, will be Iradion Laser, Inc. This collaboration extends the product portfolio to cover a wide range of continuous wave and pulsed lasers with power levels up to 1 kW, enabling most industrial CO2 laser applications to be addressed. Iradion has pioneered ceramic core CO2 lasers, a technology that brings longer life time, faster rise and fall time, and better power stability versus comparable metal core lasers. 

Iradion 1625 – high power, compact design

Iradion will be displaying the Infinity 1625, 250 Watt laser, which represents the higher power end of their ceramic core CO2 laser products. These are optimized for cutting and welding applications in thin-gauge metal and steel plates. 

Within the Infinity 1600 series, the ceramic core comprises both the CO2 laser tube as well as the optical cavity frame supporting the optics assembly at each end. This means that all reactive components are on the outside of the vacuum enclosure, leaving only pure clean alumina ceramic in contact with constituent gasses. The primary benefit of this laser architecture is that the gas retains its purity for the lifetime of the laser. No refill is ever required. Secondly, alumina can be fired to very high temperatures as part of the cleaning process, practically eliminating the risk of organic contaminants in the core. 

The Infinity series of RF-excited CO2 lasers are also available at power levels of 50, 60, 80, 100, and 120 Watts. These are more suited to marking and engraving organic materials such as paper, wood, textiles, ceramics, plastics, glass and stone. For customer convenience, all these Infinity models have identical form and fit with internal RF-drive electronics. If a different power laser is required, only the DC power supply will require tuning to a different voltage. All power levels are available in both Air or Water cooled versions.

Iradion Laser, Inc. will also exhibit their Z40, the smallest RF-driven 40 W laser on the market. As the name suggests, the Z40 resonator is a Z-folded (2-fold) unstable resonator. Despite its compact design, it still has a remarkably long (unfolded) resonator length. This provides superior power stability reaching the range of ±2% variation from cold start. Its highly efficient RF drive electronics advance electrical-to-optical efficiency.

Also on Stand 4B83, Rofin-Sinar UK will be demonstrating its Multiscan VS, the world’s fastest CO2 laser marking system. It can mark stationary or moving products “on the fly” at speeds of up to 1,200 characters per second using flexible software; this enables intelligent data to be placed anywhere within the specified scan area. The Multiscan VS offers an optional facility to generate and download high quality complex graphics and can produce two-dimensional or traditional bar codes. The laser system also provides perfect line tracking and its compact size and reliability allow easy siting and ‘fit and forget’ low maintenance.


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