21 - 23 Jun 2022 International trade fair for laser material processing
23.05.2019 - 11:54

Pushing the Limits in Stencil Cutting

Innovative new versions of the proven high-end laser system LPKF StencilLaser G6080 set new standards in two dimensions. MicroCut ensures perfect micro-cuts, PowerCut precisely cuts thick stainless steel sheets.

After intensive research and development in recent years, LPKF is now consistently follows the path of its clients to implement even more specific dimensions. The two new systems enable manufacturers of stencils and micro-cut parts to present their customers with particularly smooth edged cutting results - thanks to sophisticated laser technology. 

Stencil cutting: Smallest apertures with perfect geometry  

Extremely small highest quality apertures allow new applications for solder paste stencils. For the first time, LPKF MicroCut 6080 enables smallest apertures of 18 µm or 10 µm (laser entrance or exit side) with optimal roundness in a 30 µm SMT stencil board. Minimal radii make almost any cutting contour possible. Up to 33000 apertures between 10 and 125 µm per hour ensure efficient production. 

Micro cutting parts: High-precision made of up to 4 mm stainless steel

The new LPKF PowerCut 6080 system is used for processing thick stainless steel sheets. It is used to produce micro-cut parts from material up to 4 mm thick. Circular openings and extreme radii are easy to achieve. The result of precise machining is smooth edges with extremely low taper.


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