08.06.2022 - 16:02

Opening of a new production and research facility

LIGHT CONVERSION has officially opened a 11,200 sq. m unit at its headquarters in Vilnius, thus expanding into a total area of nearly 18,000 sq. m.

The state-of-the-art building houses research and development and vertically integrated laser production: milling machines, micro-optics, electronics and clean-rooms for final product assembly. A cutting-edge intralogistics system will be used to handle components between production steps. The expansion will boost the production volume to meet growing demand for femtosecond lasers, wavelength-tunable sources, and medical systems.

Martynas Barkauskas, CEO of LIGHT CONVERSION affirms: ‘We can see interest in our devices, both on the part of researchers and industrial clients, growing by the year. We have spent years working on medical applications of our lasers, which are slowly getting into stride; the new facilities are therefore vital for our development over the next few years’.

The company’s world-known femtosecond lasers are widely applied in scientific, industrial, and medical applications. The products can be found in 95 out of top-100 universities and other prominent research centers, as well as medical facilities and industrial companies all around the globe. The latter is one of the biggest drivers for the expansion.

The industrial applications include but are not limited to high-precision material processing in various industries, such as medical devices, semiconductors, automotive, aerospace, flat-panel displays, and consumer goods. The recognition and trust that the company receives from its clients is the result of years of resilient research and development.

Founded in 1994, LIGHT CONVERSION has been rapidly growing ever since. In 2013, the company moved its headquarters to a 4,050 sq. m facility in Dvarčionys district, Vilnius, and, in 2018, added another 2,500 sq. m. With the latest expansion to a total area of nearly 18,000 sq. m. LIGHT CONVERSION continues to establish itself as one of the worlds’ leading femtosecond laser companies. The expansion will create 200–300 new workplaces in addition to the current 400. The company is constantly looking for highly skilled engineers and physicists, experts in electronics, optics, mechanics, and other fields.


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