21 - 23 Jun 2022 International trade fair for laser material processing
11.04.2018 - 11:36

New laser processing cell heralds new generation of systems for prototypes and medium volume production

The high-technology company TRUMPF recently presented a new laser cell at its annual in-house trade show INTECH.

The TruLaser Cell 5030 is a system specialized in prototypes and low-to-medium volume production. Neatly positioned between the highly productive, high-end machines of the TruLaser Cell series 7000 and the small to medium-sized component processing of the TruLaser Cell 3000, the new TruLaser Cell 5030 comes with a TRUMPF disk laser as standard, making it a rugged, low-maintenance and energy-efficient choice. As well as offering an excellent solution for bridging the gap between 2D and 3D laser processing, the TruLaser Cell 5030 is also a worthy successor to the many older models of hybrid machine still equipped with CO2 lasers, which are destined to make way for a new generation of machines in the medium term.

The TRUMPF engineers who developed the new TruLaser Cell 5030 focused on the essentials. Their goal was to create a reasonably priced system that would use modern technology to deliver excellent cutting results. TRUMPF product manager Ralf Kohllöffel, who is responsible for the new laser cell, has this to say: "We wanted to give people a machine that was on par with the other machines in this series in terms of part quality, but that offered a real alternative to other commercially available systems in terms of what customers have to invest."

Ticking all the boxes

Just like the other models in this range, TRUMPF decided to equip the TruLaser Cell 5030 with what it calls flying optics, a system in which the laser processing head "flies" across the stationary, clamped part, machining programmed points along the way. Flying optics keep the process consistently accurate, regardless of the weight and position of the part. Combined with the solid-state laser, improved part performance and highly dynamic axes yield impressively high productivity. "Compared to many of the machines currently available in this segment, the TruLaser Cell 5030 enables customers to achieve productivity gains of up to 100 percent," says Kohllöffel. "And they can shrink their system's footprint by some 30 percent at the same time."

Sophisticated control system also favors small batch production

TRUMPF has chosen to equip the TruLaser Cell 5030 with the same control system as the other machines in this series. The TruTops Cell Basic software offers multiple features, including the ability to modify design parameters through the machine interface itself. That reduces the time it takes to set up the production process, which is particularly beneficial for small batches. The system also includes numerous preset cutting tables, which reduce machine set-up times for different materials and material thicknesses. Another feature that keeps things running smoothly is X-Blast, a technology that almost doubles the working distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, thus making the cutting process significantly more reliable and robust. As well as improving nozzle life, X-Blast also helps ensure high-quality cut edges even with challenging 3D contours. Another user-friendly feature is the FocusLine function, which automatically tailors the focal position of the laser beam to the type and thickness of material.


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