Innovations and trends in laser material processing

Have you developed a new application for ultra-short pulse lasers? Do you have systems  for digital photonic production or do you manufacture laser welding systems for the automotive industry? Do your laser systems make an impression with their flexibility or multifunctionality, or can they be easily integrated in existing systems?

If so, LASYS is the right place for you!

LASYS shows the entire range of applications of lasers in material processing - from separating to joining, from labelling to cleaning. It is THE trade fair for applications, trends and innovations - an ideal platform to present new production processes to decision-makers from many different industries.

Visitors are primarily interested in special application fields and new areas of application in which lasers are being used to an increasing extent and are therefore making rapid inroads there. One good example here is the consumer goods industry where lasers are used for aesthetic welding points or in glass machining for smartphones.

And what applications and innovations will you showcase in 2024?