Technical Forum "Lasers in Action"

3-day technical forum with a strong practical element in the trade fair hall

Once again, the Lasers in Action Forum will take place at LASYS 2018 (5 - 7 June), organised and sponsored by Laser Systems Europe magazine, in partnership with Messe Stuttgart, and with support from the Laser Institute of America.

Further information about the technical forum 2018 will follow shortly.

Review 2016

09.15-09.30Introduction from LIA
09.30-10.00Five axis precession drilling system and applications 
Dr. Holger Schlüter, SCANLAB
10.00-10.30Laser coding of firearms and ammunition for (increased) traceability 
Dr. Gernot Schrems, Trotec Laser
10.30-11.00How machine vision reduces complexity and costs of industrial laser processing systems 
Wolfgang Lehmann, RAYLASE AG
11.00-11.30Process control and beyond: the IDM in-process depth meter in industrial use 
Thibault Bautze, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
11.30-12.00Lasers in action 
Lincoln Connor, Fianium
12.00-12.30Real time motion control of scanners 
Peter Rauscher, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
12.30-13.00High-volume production of reliable femtosecond lasers for 24/7 operation 
Dr. Klaus Hartingerm Spectra-Physics, Rankweil
13.00-13.30Advanced micromachinery applications using green fibre laser 
Dr. Eran Inbar, Spectra-Physics
13.30-14.00Lasers induced direct joining of metal to thermoplastics 
Annett Klotzbach, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
14.00-14.303D laser processing of fibre-reinforced plastic 
Marc Kirchhoff, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
14.30-15.00Product traceability of PCB1 electronic and medical devices with mini DPSS lasers 
Alexander Jäckl, Innolas Photonics GmbH
15.00-15.30Advances in UV laser micromachining 
Scott White, Spectra-Physics
15.30-16.00Advanced 3D processing with liquid-jet guided laser 
Dr. Helgi Diehl, Synova S.A
16.00-16.30Polygon scanners – capabilities, applications and system intergration considerations 
Lars Penning, Next Scan Technology
09.15-09.30Introduction from LIA
09.30-10.00Laser beam welding of complex assemblies 
Prof. Dr. -Ing. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. -Ing. Roland Dierken, ERLAS – Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH
10.00-10.30Direct laser interference patterning: fast, precise and cheap! Fabrication of micro and sub-micrometer stuctures in a one-step process 
Prof. Dr. -Ing Andres Fabian Lasagni, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
10.30-11.00Dynamic beam shaping for high power laser applications 
Dr. Andreas Wetzig, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
11.00-11.30High Power VCSEL systems for thermal processing 
Dr. Gürnther Derra, Philips GmbH Photonics Aachen
11.30-12.00The right laser source, depending on application demands 
Peter Kallage, Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH
12.00-12.30Improvement of SLM technology using beam shaping and athermalised optics 
Dr. Alexander Laskin, AdlOptica GmbH
12.30-13.00Panel discussion
13.30-14.00High-speed PCB cutting 
Christian Hahn, Innolas Photonics GmbH
14.00-14.30Optimising components and surfaces with diode laser – generating, cladding and hardening of products 
Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Marküs Rutering, Laserline GmbH
14.30-15.00Nanoseconds, picoseconds, femtoseconds and beyond: Pushing the limits of laser micromachining 
Jan Wieduwilt, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
15.00-15.30Application of lasers in the tool and mould making industry 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. -Ing. Roland Dierken, ERLAS – Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH
15.30-16.00Laser welding with industrial robots: practical examples of technical and productivity challenges and solutions 
Wouter M Zweers, AWL-Techniek B.V.
16.00-16.30Industrial femtosecond lasers for μ-machining applications with highest quality and efficiency 
Dr. Victor Matylitsky, Spectra-Physics, Rankweil
09.15-09.30Introduction from LIA
09.30-10.00Inline laser welding process quality assessment using on-axis high-speed infrared cameras 
Rodrigo Linares, New Infrared Technologies
10.00-10.30Additive Manufacturing by means of laser metal deposition: part production and generation of 3D structures 
Dr. Antonio Candel Ruiz, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
10.30-11.00Tailored light – beam sources and system technology for improved processing quality 
Michael Grupp, IPG Laser GmbH
11.00-11.30Process control for remote welding of aluminium doors with the WeldMaster 
Thorsten Lorenz, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
11.30-12.00Increasing laser processing efficiency using multibeam and tailored beam profiles 
Ulrich Rädel, TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
12.00-12.303D laser processing with Optotune’s tunable lens technology 
David Stadler, Optotune Switzerland AG
12.30-13.00Flexible picosecond lasers and applications 
Dr. Maik Frede, neoLASE
13.00-13.30Diode laser – a modern tool for welding processes, advantages and applications 
Dipl. -Ing. Michael Nagel, Laserline GmbH
13.30-14.00Precision manufacturing of ultrahard materials using short and ultrashort laser pulses 
Dr. Claus Dold, EWAG AG


Laser Systems Europe (LSE) / Europa Science in cooperation with the Laser Institute of America (LIA) and Messe Stuttgart.