Fachforum "Lasers in Action"

3-tägiges, stark praxisorientiertes Fachforum direkt in der Messehalle

Das Forum „Lasers in Action“ bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, im Rahmen von 30-minütigen Vorträgen mehr über die neusten Lasertechnologien und -anwendungen zu erfahren. 

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Rückblick 2016

09.15-09.30Introduction from LIA
09.30-10.00Five axis precession drilling system and applications 
Dr. Holger Schlüter, SCANLAB
10.00-10.30Laser coding of firearms and ammunition for (increased) traceability 
Dr. Gernot Schrems, Trotec Laser
10.30-11.00How machine vision reduces complexity and costs of industrial laser processing systems 
Wolfgang Lehmann, RAYLASE AG
11.00-11.30Process control and beyond: the IDM in-process depth meter in industrial use 
Thibault Bautze, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
11.30-12.00Lasers in action 
Lincoln Connor, Fianium
12.00-12.30Real time motion control of scanners 
Peter Rauscher, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
12.30-13.00High-volume production of reliable femtosecond lasers for 24/7 operation 
Dr. Klaus Hartingerm Spectra-Physics, Rankweil
13.00-13.30Advanced micromachinery applications using green fibre laser 
Dr. Eran Inbar, Spectra-Physics
13.30-14.00Lasers induced direct joining of metal to thermoplastics 
Annett Klotzbach, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
14.00-14.303D laser processing of fibre-reinforced plastic 
Marc Kirchhoff, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
14.30-15.00Product traceability of PCB1 electronic and medical devices with mini DPSS lasers 
Alexander Jäckl, Innolas Photonics GmbH
15.00-15.30Advances in UV laser micromachining 
Scott White, Spectra-Physics
15.30-16.00Advanced 3D processing with liquid-jet guided laser 
Dr. Helgi Diehl, Synova S.A
16.00-16.30Polygon scanners – capabilities, applications and system intergration considerations 
Lars Penning, Next Scan Technology
09.15-09.30Introduction from LIA
09.30-10.00Laser beam welding of complex assemblies 
Prof. Dr. -Ing. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. -Ing. Roland Dierken, ERLAS – Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH
10.00-10.30Direct laser interference patterning: fast, precise and cheap! Fabrication of micro and sub-micrometer stuctures in a one-step process 
Prof. Dr. -Ing Andres Fabian Lasagni, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
10.30-11.00Dynamic beam shaping for high power laser applications 
Dr. Andreas Wetzig, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
11.00-11.30High Power VCSEL systems for thermal processing 
Dr. Gürnther Derra, Philips GmbH Photonics Aachen
11.30-12.00The right laser source, depending on application demands 
Peter Kallage, Rofin-Sinar Laser GmbH
12.00-12.30Improvement of SLM technology using beam shaping and athermalised optics 
Dr. Alexander Laskin, AdlOptica GmbH
12.30-13.00Panel discussion
13.30-14.00High-speed PCB cutting 
Christian Hahn, Innolas Photonics GmbH
14.00-14.30Optimising components and surfaces with diode laser – generating, cladding and hardening of products 
Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Marküs Rutering, Laserline GmbH
14.30-15.00Nanoseconds, picoseconds, femtoseconds and beyond: Pushing the limits of laser micromachining 
Jan Wieduwilt, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
15.00-15.30Application of lasers in the tool and mould making industry 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Hoffmann and Dr. -Ing. Roland Dierken, ERLAS – Erlanger Lasertechnik GmbH
15.30-16.00Laser welding with industrial robots: practical examples of technical and productivity challenges and solutions 
Wouter M Zweers, AWL-Techniek B.V.
16.00-16.30Industrial femtosecond lasers for μ-machining applications with highest quality and efficiency 
Dr. Victor Matylitsky, Spectra-Physics, Rankweil
09.15-09.30Introduction from LIA
09.30-10.00Inline laser welding process quality assessment using on-axis high-speed infrared cameras 
Rodrigo Linares, New Infrared Technologies
10.00-10.30Additive Manufacturing by means of laser metal deposition: part production and generation of 3D structures 
Dr. Antonio Candel Ruiz, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
10.30-11.00Tailored light – beam sources and system technology for improved processing quality 
Michael Grupp, IPG Laser GmbH
11.00-11.30Process control for remote welding of aluminium doors with the WeldMaster 
Thorsten Lorenz, Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
11.30-12.00Increasing laser processing efficiency using multibeam and tailored beam profiles 
Ulrich Rädel, TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
12.00-12.303D laser processing with Optotune’s tunable lens technology 
David Stadler, Optotune Switzerland AG
12.30-13.00Flexible picosecond lasers and applications 
Dr. Maik Frede, neoLASE
13.00-13.30Diode laser – a modern tool for welding processes, advantages and applications 
Dipl. -Ing. Michael Nagel, Laserline GmbH
13.30-14.00Precision manufacturing of ultrahard materials using short and ultrashort laser pulses 
Dr. Claus Dold, EWAG AG


Fachmagazin Laser Systems Europe (LSE) / Europa Science in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Laser Institute of America (LIA) und der Messe Stuttgart.